Medical Spanish Classes Online

Online Medical Spanish classes open for registration!

Learn the medical Spanish terminology you need and want for effective work with your Spanish-only patients. A perfect class option for anyone working in community health or with the underserved Spanish-only patient population.

Online Courses Open for Registration

Our perspective on learning & teaching medical Spanish:

We all know that patient outcomes improve when patients receive care in their primary language. Most healthcare professionals have access to medical interpreters for patients who struggle with English, but nothing strengthens rapport and improves health outcomes more than understanding and communicating clearly with your patients directly.

Students and professionals are welcome to register for medical Spanish terminology classes that teach you how to speak Spanish more comfortably, confidently & responsibly in the healthcare setting. You will likely still need a medical interpreter for many situations with your Spanish only patients – but your patients will be relieved and thank you profusely for speaking Spanish to them.

Here is how we run our courses:

  • We take a functional proficiency approach, which means that we focus first on the most necessary vocabulary and grammar for your work with patients. We won’t focus on vocabulary that is unrelated to everyday medical/clinical scenarios, nor will we bore you with fancy grammar – you need the essentials, and that’s what functional proficiency is all about.
  • In most cases, the necessary medical Spanish skill is the ability to communicate orally with your patients. All of our classes focus on accurate oral communication in Spanish, we don’t focus on perfect reading and writing competencies.
  • Culture and language are inseparable. You must understand and be able to communicate across cultures in order to work effectively in another language.

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