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Customize a student travel program of your own that focuses on Spanish immersion, or travel with your group of students on our standard summer Spanish immersion programs.

How does it work?

Common Ground is happy to support your travel and stay in Costa Rica if you set up a student travel program for the interested students at your school. While your students are on their Spanish immersion program, you choose how to spend your time.  This is not a difficult arrangement, and we work hard to ensure that much of the coordination and logistics are taken care of for you.

What would my responsibilities be specifically?

It is a free trip to Costa Rica – but you do earn it.  Here are  few general responsibilities:

Pre-Departure: Common Ground will help you submit program details to school administration for approval, market the Spanish travel program to your students, handle payments from families, and lead the pre-departure preparations.  There is a good likelihood that you will want to coordinate some fundraising activities so that all interested students can participate.

During the Spanish immersion travel program: During the program you will have some responsibility to supervise your students. You will of course fly with them down to Costa Rica and back home.  On the excursion portions of the program you will work with a Common Ground representative to guide the students.  During the language school (optional),  community service, and host family portion of the program you will join the group for their service-learning projects.

Is there flexibility regarding the itinerary and details of the immersion program?

Yes, absolutely.  There is one requirement that we keep for our student travel programs. All of our travel programs are Spanish immersion programs. We can completely customize travel for your group, and Spanish classes aren’t necessarily required, but all of our student travel programs in Costa Rica are Spanish immersion focused.

We have some standard travel program formats that we’ll share with you, but we’ll also provide you with a menu of options so that you can customize the program exactly how you would like it.

How many students would I need to have a viable class trip?

You need 8 students to sign up for the immersion trip in order to make it a viable program.

What happens if I can’t don’t get enough students to make the trip happen?

The good news is that even if you’re working on a customized class trip – we can guarantee your students “something.”  Our established summer programs that we chaperon are open to your students.  If you are unable to reach your break-even number of 7 students, we will encourage your students to travel on our summer high school Spanish immersion program so that no one is denied the opportunity to travel.  If you’re close (like 5 or 6) and you would still like to travel even though you have not reached the 7 student minimum – it may mean that you would need to cover some of your expenses.  In this case, we will work out a fair arrangement that covers as much of your travel costs as possible so that you and your students can still travel.

What is the necessary timing to make this happen next summer?

  • For class trips, we should be making plans with you in the spring before you go on summer vacation (about 14 months in advance of your summer program).  This will allow us to have a firm plan in place for you to present to your students early in the upcoming academic year.
  • If you already have a Spanish class group ready to go and need to make arrangements in the fall of the year you would like to travel with students, we would be happy to see if we have open dates for your group. Contact us and we’ll see what we can put together!
  • For small group programs where you join our standard summer program dates, you can join as long as there is space in the program!

Contact us for more information.