Spanish Immersion Pre-Departure Courses

Spanish Immersion Pre-Departure Courses

Pre travel preparation for Spanish Immersion in Costa Rica and Nicaragua

Pre-departure Courses: Specific Preparation for Your Immersion Trip!

We’ve put together a mini pre-departure course for you to take online so that you can be ready for your upcoming trip. You need to take this part of your trip preparation very seriously.

We have implemented these pre-departure courses for your scheduling convenience; they take place of multiple online meetings that we used to run in preparation for each trip. We’ve packed them full of useful information that we are not planning to explicitly discuss together – so please work through them sequentially so that you’re prepared!

Scroll down to find the pre-departure course that corresponds to your upcoming immersion trip and start preparing today…

Predeparture Courses for Immersion Trips

Medical Spanish Immersion Trip

Medical Spanish Immersion Pre-Departure Course

Costa Rica High School Immersion Pre-Departure Course

Teacher Spanish Immersion Trip

Immersion for Educators Pre-Departure Course

Spanish Immersion for Adults

Adult Spanish Immersion Pre-departure Course

Family Immersion Trip icon

Family Spanish Immersion Pre-Departure Course

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