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Contact us - Contact Common Ground InternationalIf you’d like to call us – great!  We look forward to hearing from you.

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Hello, I would like to discuss your Legal Spanish class. Could you please contact me by email?

Rory Foster
Rory Foster

Sure Katie, will email you now.

Meegan Van Straaten

Hi Leslie and Rory,
It is Meegan Van Straaten your long lost friend! I am involved with the American Spinal Injury Association (ASIA) and we just had a virtual conference. ASIA has a relatively new committee called the America’s committee and it’s goal is to improve the care of those with spinal cord injury living in Latin America. They have already provided so much impact with their work. They have a YouTube channel in which they have translated some educational videos. I thought you could use these videos in some of your education to medical professionals:)

We may have future need for translation services at conferences. I will keep you posted if an opportunity arises!

Hope you, the kids and your business is doing well!


Can I attend a medical Spanish immersion program if I am a junior undergraduate student majoring in Pre Health?

Rory Foster
Rory Foster

Hello Sue, yes of course. We work with undergrads, grad students and professionals on this medical Spanish immersion program. We would be glad to work with you! Cheers,

Leonardo Branco

My wife and I stay in Denver on May/2021 and we want learn English for 4 weeks.

Do you have any programs for us?

Thank you.

Rory Foster
Rory Foster

Yes of course. I’ll email you.

Barbara Howell

Hi Rory and Leslie,
I’ve been a nurse for over 40 years–30 of it overseas. When coming back to the US, I realized that a significant portion of my patients are now Spanish speaking and so began trying to learn Spanish about 5 years ago. I just recently found your common ground international lessons and watch them on youtube medical spanish. They are great–well done, helpful, relevant and in bite-size chunks. Thanks so much. One request. Mother baby is my specialty and I really was delighted to find your lecture Rory on labor and delivery, antepartum and postpartum. BUT…it seems like the one I saw, your camera wasn’t focused so I couldn’t see your whiteboard. Is there a possibility of recording that one again?

Bless you both for what you are doing. You’re making the world a place where people can understand and empathize with each other more.


Rory Foster
Rory Foster

Hey Barb, thanks for the note! Yes let me find that one and re-do it. It must have been one of the early ones when we were doing facebook live videos – some of those didn’t turn out too well. Might take me a week or two to get to it, but I’ll redo. Thanks for being a part of our community and for your work with the underserved!

Karin Grantham
Karin Grantham

Greetings. I signed up for the Intercambio program and understood it was to start on May 4th. I have received no communication regarding the start or specific assignments, etc. I am checking in on the status and to better understand what to expect, since the charge did go through on May 1st. Thank you for all you do to promote language learning. Karin

Rory Foster
Rory Foster

Hi Karin, I think this has been sorted out but I’m going to call you to make sure. Best,

Rebecca Dunaway
Rebecca Dunaway

Hi There!

I have a few questions.

1. Since we are connecting with students around the globe, how do I know if the “evenings” available mean MY time zone or THEIR time zone.

2. My setup says that I am 80% finished. But I don’t have an idea what is still needed to finish.

3. The PDF file “Setting Goals to Improve and Track Oral Proficiency ” is nice! However, is there a way to download it so that I can type in my goals? I copied and pasted it into a document, but lost MOST of the format. Can that be possible with any other PDF documents that will be used in a similar way?

Thank you!!

Rebecca Dunaway
Rebecca Dunaway

I signed up for intercambio. I received my confirmation of payment. The instructions say I will immediately set up my profile but I don’t have access to do that. Can you help?

Rory Foster
Rory Foster

Hey Rebecca, so glad to have you join us in Intercambio! Hang tight – you’re not behind. Leslie is putting together a quick start guide for everyone & will send it out asap. See you online soon!

angie bui

language testing

Rory Foster
Rory Foster

Hi Angie, I received your message about national certification for interpreters. There are a couple of national certifications for healthcare interpreters, and a federal certification for court interpreters. Which are you interested in?

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