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Adv-Beginner Online Medical Spanish Course

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Online Medical Spanish classes at your convenience!

  • 10 Class hours: scheduled to fit your needs
  • Individualized Instruction: 1:1 classes target learning to exactly what you need
  • Low-stress & high impact learning

Beginning level conversational medical Spanish class: meet online with your instructor!

This course is perfect for the beginning level Spanish student who has some foundation with the language. You should have knowledge of present tense verbs in Spanish, but you do not have to be confident in their use or comfortable speaking…this is what we’ll be working on together!

Every class you will dive into vocabulary and clinical scenarios that are relevant to your work with Spanish speaking patients. Usually, these topics tend to include common signs, symptoms, histories of the problem and treatment plans for everyday clinic work.

The content of your learning is student directed (you have total liberty to request the topics that you feel you need). Most students at this level work on the following:

  • Review of regular present tense verbs and focus on irregular present tense verbs used in everyday clinical conversations
  • The two most common past tenses: Preterite & Imperfect
  • Listening comprehension activities (of native speakers)
  • Practicing patient interviews to understand: chief complaint, history of the problem, medical history, explaining common tests and procedures, pharmacy and dosing instructions.

More details about this beginning online medical Spanish course:

This course is delivered over the Cisco Webex platform. You will schedule your class meetings directly with your instructor. Once you’ve registered with Common Ground, you will receive the link and login instructions to access the online course.

Equipment needed for the online Medical Spanish course:

– Tablet, Laptop or Desktop with: Strong and stable internet connection (WiFi or wired), video camera so your instructor can see you, and a headphone/microphone set to maintain high quality audio between your instructor and you.

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1 review for Adv-Beginner Online Medical Spanish Course


I had great hope and enthusiasm when I signed up and purchased this course. Being a nurse who works long hours, I thought it would be the perfect choice to advance my ability to speak Spanish. I enjoyed the single lesson that I did experience, however the teacher just fell away after it completed. I did not receive the next lesson, nothing, she just disappeared. I have no way to contact her, no idea how to be refunded for the remaining 9 hours of lessons. Buyer beware.


Hi Nora, I'm really sorry that your teacher forgot to email you the homework and prep work for your next lesson. I wish you would have reached out to us as soon as you noticed a problem because I could have helped you. Your instructor works with a lot of Common Ground students... I think she just forgot to email you. While I wish you were willing to give her a 2nd chance, that's 100% your prerogative to move on. I've refunded your full 10hrs of lessons. I hope you find a solution that works well for you. Best,

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