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Learning Medical Spanish Facebook Group

Learning Medical Spanish Facebook Group

Thank you for taking a few minutes to share your feedback on the Learning Medical Spanish Facebook group! We’ve been posting content in the group for a few months now and we’d love your thoughts on how to improve it! Please share your thoughts below. If you’d rather send an email with your ideas for the group, feel […]

How to take vital signs in Spanish

How to Take Vital Signs in Spanish

Do you ever have to take vital signs or communicate to your patients about them in Spanish? In the hospital setting you may have your patients hooked up to the monitors and you don’t have to explain too much except a result here and there. But if you work in the outpatient clinical setting, taking […]

Learning English Through tV

How to Learn English Through TV

Do you enjoy watching TV? Have you ever wondered if your TV could help your English. The answer is,” Yes.” Today I talk about how to learn English through TV. Learning English through TV can be a great way to improve your English comprehension and vocabulary. In this posting I talk about how to learn […]