street smarts in central america

Street Smarts in Central America

International travel to the developing countries in Central America offers amazingly rich opportunities to explore the tropical beauty of the Americas that you don’t see in other parts of the world, but it comes with inherent risks that you should be aware of. My family just got robbed in Costa Rica on a weekend trip. We […]

butt in spanish

Proper Words for Butt in Spanish

You’re definitely not the only one who gets uneasy about saying the word butt in Spanish. I wrote this post so you can avoid making a culo out of yourself unintentionally :). First of all, in this post we’re talking anatomy. We’re not discussing the conjunction “but,” nor some other use of the word “butt” like “head […]

Pregnant in Spanish – what’s the best word?

So, how do you talk about pregnancy and pregnant in Spanish? I can’t tell you how many clarifications I make in my classes on a regular basis – so don’t feel bad if you need some help here. Some high frequency words/phrases that you probably want to use: el embarazo = pregnancy embarazada = pregnant quedar(se) […]

Pain in Spanish: ¿Dolor vs Duele?

What is the difference between dolor and duele – Don’t they both mean Pain in Spanish? Dolor and duele aren’t too complicated to sort out. We have differences in meaning, and differences in use. Simple differences in meaning: dolor = pain duele = hurt – derived from the verb doler (o-ue) A clear understanding of what each term […]

10 Bulletproof tips to maximize language growth on any travel experience

International travel is an amazing opportunity to get out and experience the world. But traveling itself doesn’t guarantee language development. In fact, a high percentage of university students who spend a semester abroad don’t even return home with significant growth in the host language. Some travelers develop their language more than others – even if […]

Indirect Communication Style – Straight Talk about Beating Around the Bush

Communication style is the way you say what you say – and it has huge implications on the results of a conversation between parties. Pay special attention to this post if you have had frustrated negotiations, unresolved confrontations, or simply want to communicate more effectively across cultures. It’s one thing to have language barrier between […]

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