Tips to learn Medical Spanish vocabulary

5 Tips for Learning Medical Spanish Vocabulary

Learning to speak medical Spanish means that you need to dominate medical terminology in Spanish. Here are some time-tested strategies for learning medical Spanish vocabulary: When you’re in the DIY language learning mode – a few tips will really help you. Here are some pointers that we like to share with our medical Spanish students […]

Medical Spanish Immersion Programs

The Best Way to Learn Spanish is…

Everyone says: “immersion is the best way to learn Spanish”. If that’s true, what makes Spanish immersion the best way to learn? Nearly every article you read about the best way to learn Spanish touts the value of a specific school, a particular method, the newest technology, or something else sparkly and shiny. All of those […]

Educator Spanish Immersion Story

One Teacher’s Story of Immersion

Educator Immersion Trips Make a Difference Communicating with parents can be a challenging, but essential, aspect of teaching. It gets exponentially harder when your student’s families don’t speak English. Being able to effectively communicate with parents is key to a student’s success in the classroom. Common Ground’s Spanish for Educators Immersion program is designed to […]

Managing Chaos on language immersion

The Secret to Successful Language Immersion is Creating and Managing Chaos

Have you ever had that experience where chaos serendipitously turns to beauty, and you see rainbows and unicorns? Okay, maybe the rainbows and unicorns are a stretch, but linguistic chaos turning into Spanish proficiency is something we’ve figured out how to consistently deliver on our language immersion trips. What started out as serendipity, has become […]

A Personal Case of Hope Jewelry

Introducing the Immersion Fund

The Immersion Fund has finally emerged… Since July, I’ve been working on a VERY exciting project, and it is finally ready! Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to introduce to you … The Immersion Fund! The Immersion Fund is a 501(c)3 organization created to help participants fund their Spanish immersion program while also making a difference […]