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Usted commands in Spanish

Usted and Spanish Formal Commands

Healthcare workers learning Spanish need to get comfortable with Spanish formal commands. Whether you’re giving hand washing instructions, talking about how to take medications, or simply directing someone to follow you, you’re going to use Spanish formal commands. Usted is the subject that you use day in and day out with your adult patients. So, […]

vagina in Spanish

Acceptable Words for Vagina in Spanish

Vagina in Spanish is a word that many of our students get anxious about because they don’t want to offend anyone, nor communicate in ways that they wouldn’t normally in English. Think about it, the last thing you’d want to do when talking about girl parts or explaining the pap smear procedure is to say […]

functional language proficiency is what works when communicating

Functional Language Proficiency: What is it?

Functional language proficiency: a working definition, parameters, and examples Functional language proficiency is not a term that you hear everyday, however it’s the crux of what every student learning a language with an identified purpose needs to focus on. Language educators as well must let functional proficiency guide course planning and day to day interactions with […]

Free medical Spanish terminology: Parts of the Body in Spanish flashcards

Parts of the Body in Spanish

If you’ve ever struggled to recall the parts of the body in Spanish, this post is perfect for you! We’ve been teaching healthcare professionals and students how to talk about body parts in Spanish for many years, and we finally packaged up the most common parts of the body in Spanish her with this flashcard […]

unique fundraising and student travel scholarships

Fundraising for Travel Scholarships Serves a Greater Purpose

The Immersion Fund does fundraising for travel scholarships by partnering with the House of Hope. The Immersion Fund offers unique fundraising opportunities and student travel scholarships for Spanish immersion participants. We all know that immersion is the best way to learn a language. The students and professionals who go on our Spanish immersion trips learn how to […]