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20 Medical Spanish Word Associations

This Video Viernes lesson focuses on 20 Medical Spanish Word Associations that make it easier to remember and use them with your Spanish speaking patients. Here is the 20 Medical Spanish Word Associations lesson I taught to the Facebook group: 1. Cintura   Cintura  is the waistline or lower back – the part of the human body between […]

Why teach medical Spanish - why not learn English

Why We Teach Medical Spanish

Every time I promote anything “Medical Spanish”, whether it’s local courses, online courses, immersion trips, free lessons, etc – literally ANYTHING – I ruffle the feathers of a small percentage of the people who have received the promotion. It’s like clockwork – I can expect that within 24 hours of starting a promotion, someone will respond to me […]

Semana Santa en Guatemala

Semana Santa in Guatemala

Semana Santa in Guatemala – Brillant Alfombras de Aserrín This cultural unit explores the vibrant and beautiful tradition of the saw dust carpets or alfombras de aserrín that are created during Semana Santa celebrations in Guatemala. Learn more about the history, symbolism and how to make your own saw dust carpets in this mini lesson.  […]

International Volunteer Opportunities

Avoiding Ethical Complications With International Volunteer Opportunities

International volunteer opportunities naturally attract good-hearted people who want to do service learning that feels great and helps others at the same time. Unfortunately, good intentions don’t always result in good outcomes for the recipients of this volunteer work. There are countless studies that document unintended consequences of well intentioned people doing “good” work on short-term […]