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Maestro Miércoles – La Lectoescritura: Hablar, escuchar, leer y escribir

This Maestro Miércoles lesson focuses on: Literacy in Spanish – LA LECTOESCRITURA: This lesson is geared for those that teach literacy in the primary levels. Su reto profesional: ¿Cómo van a aplicar este vocabulario con sus estudiantes? Here is Spanish lesson all about Lectoescritura (Literacy) in Spanish I taught to the Facebook group: ¿Qué es la lectoescritura? Algunas definiciones […]


Maestro Miércoles – Math: Multiplication and Division in Spanish

This Maestro Miércoles lesson focuses on using the keywords to explain multiplication and division in Spanish: MULTIPLICACIONES Y DIVISIONES. This lesson would be useful when trying to explain these mathematical concepts to your Spanish speaking students. Su reto profesional: Explique cómo hacer una multiplicación o una división en español. Here is Spanish lesson all about […]


Video Viernes – Discussing Diagnoses in Spanish

This Video Viernes lesson focuses on Discussing Diagnoses in Spanish, including simple diagnosis vocabulary, tips for communicating more serious diagnoses and trategies for checking patient understanding Here is the Discussing Diagnoses in Spanish lesson I taught to the Facebook group: Conversando sobre los diagnósticos en español Vocabulario de los diagnósticos Los resultados Results Sus niveles de […]