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International Volunteer Opportunities

Avoiding Ethical Complications With International Volunteer Opportunities

International volunteer opportunities naturally attract good-hearted people who want to do service learning that feels great and helps others at the same time. Unfortunately, good intentions don’t always result in good outcomes for the recipients of this volunteer work. There are countless studies that document unintended consequences of well intentioned people doing “good” work on short-term […]

10 Common Medical Spanish Mistakes

10 Common Medical Spanish Mistakes

This Video Viernes lesson focuses on talking about the 10 common Medical Spanish mistakes that you can avoid just by thinking about them a little bit. Here is the 10 Common Medical Spanish Mistakes lesson I taught to the Facebook group: 1. Muy & Mucho Common Errors: “Estoy mucho triste”, “tengo muy dolor” Solution: a. […]

Words that describe injuries and wounds in Spanish

Verbs, Nouns & Adjectives that Describe Injuries in Spanish

This Vídeo Viernes post clarifies the various different words and variations of words you’re used to hearing that describe injuries, wounds and other problems in Spanish. Our Facebook group Live Lesson: Whenever my students are studying injuries in Spanish and wound vocabulary, they always get a little confused about variations of words. For example: dolor & duele. Part […]

How to explain the 3 P's of Hospital Nursing in Spanish

3 Ps of Hospital Nursing in Spanish

This Video Viernes lesson focuses on understanding the 3 Ps of Hospital Nursing in Spanish: Pain, Potty, and Position. These 3 Ps are the most common things a nurse has to talk about all the time with their patients. Here is the 3 Ps of Hospital Nursing in Spanish lesson I taught to the Facebook group: […]


Cognates–The Same Word, the Same Meaning in Different Languages

Cognates are words in two more more languages with similar spellings and pronunciations. They also have similar meanings. Some languages, such as French and Spanish, are closely related. These languages have many cognates. Look at the examples for the word “telephone” in French and Spanish: téléphone (French) and teléfono (Spanish).  Spanish and English have many […]

Verb conjugations in Spanish

High Frequency Spanish Verb Conjugations for Healthcare Workers in the USA

How to Manage the Most Frequently Used Verb Conjugations in Spanish for Healthcare Workers. Verbs are are the glue that hold a language together and create meaning. A pure vocabulary-based subject/noun/adjective communication style is caveman speak, and you’re way to smart for that! So, in this post we’re breaking down the most common Spanish verb […]