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SIG E CAPS Depression Screen in Spanish

Screening your Spanish speaking patients for depression

This Video Viernes lesson focuses on screening your Spanish speaking patients for depression using the SIG E CAPS acronym: Sleep, Interests, Guilt, Energy, Concentration, Appetite, Psychomotor, Suicide. The immigrant populations living in our communities face the kinds of things that can cause anxiety and depression; those types of situations and scenarios such as insecurities, financial […]

International Travel Suggestions: 10 Tips for Central America

International Travel Suggestions: 10 Tips for your next trip

International travel suggestions; especially in Central America International travel is amazingly fun and educational, but it does offer plenty of opportunity for challenges and difficulties. Thankfully, most of these can be avoided or at least reduced with a little forethought and planning. Check out our top 10 international travel suggestions below and have a successful […]

Clean Catch Urine Sample in Spanish

How to Explain “Clean Catch” Urine Sample instructions in Spanish

In this post, we focus on how to give instructions to both men and women to collect a clean urine sample (commonly called “clean catch”). Read below and watch the instructional video for some specific Spanish vocabulary and phrases related to clean catch urine samples. Whenever you’re giving quick instructions in Spanish, you’ll use the command tense. […]


Los Reyes Magos – History, Lesson Plan & Activities

Let’s Talk About El Día de los Tres Reyes Magos! What is the connection between los Tres Reyes Magos and the 12 days of Christmas? Have you ever wondered why there are “Twelve Days of Christmas“? Well, Biblical interpretations and Christmas traditions have changed over the centuries across various regions and sects of Christianity, but […]