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Online Spanish courses for healthcare workers, teachers and general Spanish learners

Online Spanish Courses - learn Spanish online

Learn Spanish Online through Common Ground’s Online Spanish courses

When you need a convenient way to learn Spanish, taking a Spanish course online is a great option. If you can’t fathom adding a consistent Spanish course to your schedule, then learn Spanish online with CGI!

How do the Common Ground online courses work? We offer three options for learning Spanish online:

  1. Hybrid online courses. These hybrid online Spanish courses are 100% online and combine asynchronous learning (on your own time) with live classes at scheduled times of the week (over Zoom). Each course includes video lessons, vocabulary lists and practice, online posting boards for regular feedback from your instructor and conversational prompts for further practice.
  2. Pre-packaged online courses. These pre-packaged online Spanish courses help you learn Spanish online at your own pace. You never have to coordinate your schedule with anyone else, rather you take these online lessons as your schedule allows. As you browse the list of course options, you will see that some have a grammar focus.  And others have a more vocabulary and conversational phrasing focus.
  3. Live 1:1 online courses. These online courses function more like private Spanish lessons, but instead of driving somewhere to meet your tutor you just log in! Our online Spanish instructors are  the same teachers we work with on our Spanish immersion programs in Costa Rica. So you know that you’ll be matched with an instructor who understands you and your goals. This online course option requires you to have a schedule, but you’re able to adjust your meeting times as needed.

The technology requirements for these courses to help you learn Spanish online isn’t burdensome. Here are some recommendations and requirements:

Pre-packaged online Spanish class suggestions:

  • When you want to take a pre-packaged online course, you basically just need a computer or a tablet. You can complete the courses on a telephone, but you’ll be more comfortable on a larger tablet or laptop/desktop computer.
  • Each lesson of our pre-packaged courses offers lesson notes downloads, therefore you’ll want access to a printer so that you can print out those notes and follow along.
  • The online courses with a more grammar focus often require you to type special characters in Spanish. So if you don’t have your device set up for typing special Spanish characters like: á, é, í, ó, ú, ü, ¿ , ¡, then you’ll want to read this blog post and make sure you’re ready for success!

Live-taught online Spanish class suggestions:

  • When you take a live-taught online Spanish class, you will want a computer or tablet as well. You will meet with your instructor with live video feeds, so your device needs a video camera.
  • We use the program Skype for our online courses, so if you don’t have a Skype account, get one for free and you’ll be all set.
  • Additionally, your sound quality is best when you use headphones and a microphone. You don’t need anything extreme, usually the headphones that came with your cell phone should work fine.
  • Before we start your online course with your instructor, we ask you to complete a Spanish placement test. This gives us the chance to assess you needs before you begin classes.

Online Medical Spanish Classes for healthcare workers

Choose between pre-packaged or 1:1 online courses for healthcare workers:

Mastering Medical Spanish Course

Advanced MMS: Advanced Medical Spanish Course Online

Mastering Medical Spanish Course

Beginning MMS: Beginning Medical Spanish Course Online

Medical History in Spanish

Complete Guide to Taking a Medical History in Spanish

Direct and Indirect Objects in Medical Conversations

How to use Direct and Indirect Objects in Medical Spanish Conversations

How to use Por and Para in Medical Conversations

How to use Por and Para in Medical Conversations

Mastering Medical Spanish Course

Intermediate MMS: Intermediate Medical Spanish Course Online

Intermediate Spanish for Pharmacists

Intermediate Spanish for Pharmacists


Medical Spanish: Intermediate Listening Comprehension

Medical Spanish Interpreter Training - online course

MSI: Medical Spanish Interpreter Training Course

Online 1-1 Conversational Medical Spanish Course

Prepare for 1:1 Online Medical Spanish Classes

Medical Spanish Past Tense Verbs

Using Past Tenses in Medical Spanish: Online Course

Medical Spanish Present Tense Verbs

Using Present Tense in Medical Spanish: Online Course

Ser vs Estar

Using Ser & Estar in Medical Spanish Conversations: Online Course

Spanish for Educators: Online Spanish classes for teachers

Choose between pre-packaged or 1:1 online courses for teachers:

Beginning Conversational Spanish

Beginning Conversational Spanish For Teachers

Learn Verbs for Spanish Teachers

Spanish for Educators – Present Tense Verbs

Spanish for Teachers Masterclass

Spanish for Teachers Masterclass | Successful Parent – Teacher Communication

1:1 Individual Online Spanish Classes

Spanish Workshops

Spanish Workshop

Por vs. Para – Spanish Workshop Series If you’ve ever had trouble saying “for” or “by” in Spanish, …

10 thoughts on “Online Spanish courses for healthcare workers, teachers and general Spanish learners”

  1. Hello —

    I am looking for a medical spanish course that is appropriate for a physician. I am an OBGYN. I did take spanish in college and medical-spanish in med school, but it was a limited and a long time ago. Do you have something that would work? Immersion or online.


  2. Can you get graduate credit or license renewal credit in the state of Iowa for these courses? I’m a former student of Apanish (4 years in high school, 2 in college, DECADES AGO) and currently a math teacher, each year, to several Spanish speaking students from Puerto Rico. While I feel like I’m holding my own, I would love a refresher course on Spanish for the classroom, so that I can help my students feel comfortable and more welcomed.

  3. Hi! I signed up for the Spanish for healthcare workers via Facebook. However, I didn’t realize it was starting today. I would love to participate, but these dates this week did not work with my schedule. Can you help with possibly other dates. Thank you. Deanns

    1. Hi Deanna, no problem at all. Get what you can out of the masterclass lessons even though you can’t make it to the live practice sessions. Next one is a bit of a wait…We’ll have our next masterclass in January.

  4. I work for Driver’s License Services. While we don’t give the actual test in Spanish, it would help greatly to do the initial intake process in Spanish. This process includes initial document requirements and explains the drivers license process and requirements. Can you help with this?

    1. Hello Cecilia, thanks for the note! Yes absolutely. These courses are individual instruction in nature – and the topics are flexible as you share your goals with your teacher. You are able to direct the content to what fits your needs and interests for learning Spanish. We’d be glad to work with you! I’ll reach out to you over email and we can get you all set up. Cheers, Rory

  5. Hello,

    I work for a Social Services non-profit that provides home repair services. Many of our clients are Spanish-Speaking and we are looking for an training course that we could tailor to our work – very construction focused. We have three staff members who are interested in Spanish training.

    What products do you have that might work for our team? We are hoping we can purchase an online class and have a small study-group to go through the program together

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