Medical Spanish Spanish Placement Test

Please fill out the Spanish Placement Test below to the best of your ability so that we can place you most appropriately.

46 responses to “Medical Spanish Spanish Placement Test

Andrew Weary

The test was a good overview.
My “keyboard” & spell check are always trying to correct my Spanish . I’m going to look into installing a romance language or Spanish “keyboard (any suggestions?) , cause without those all important accents, one might inadvertently echar groserias.

Patricia Gramling-Babb

I never wanted to learn Spanish- can’t roll my tongue. Like romantic languages. Now there is a need in our clinic which gives me a goal . I am very goal oriented.

Alexandra MacPhee

Great motivation Patricia! Don’t worry about rolling the tongue, people will still understand you! I’m sure you’ll get a lot of this course!


please ignore the grammar mistakes. I suck at the computer and don’t have or want a spanish keyboard. I only need to speak well in Spanish. I. don’t need to. write in Spanish


Hi Rory, who is teaching beg MMS? Excited to join. Hopefully now I can get a link to class!!

Rory Foster

Hey Annabelle, glad to have you back in MMS! Stephanie is teaching the Beg MMS sections. Reach out to her if you need anything:

Julia Chairez

I already submitted this the day I signed up for course. Will you email and let us know who will be partnered with or where we will be placed??

Geetha Kannan

Hi Rory ,
I loved writing with fill in the blanks , I was surprised that I could recall my grammar but lot of words I have forgotten . Few of the verbs – used to, to move from place to place versus moving something, conjugation etc. made me think , now definitely motivated to learn better by attending your classes . Like one on one lessons , till I get the fluency of initiating the conversation .

Mia Stancil

Confirmation: Beginning Medical Spanish. Thanks!


That definitely stretched my knowledge. Every time I think I am using the right tense, I find out I’m not. Lol. We will see what happens.
I seriously want to take the Medical Spanish class but I might not be able to make the live sessions. Any suggestions?

Farah A Buck

That test was hard. Can I take very basic medical Spanish?


I studied French in high school, Spanish in college (20+ years ago…) and medical Spanish ten years ago. I haven’t used my Spanish language skills in several years. My comprehension of Spanish, written and spoken, is better than my production of the language. There’s so much vocabulary that I don’t remember or never knew! So, as more and more nurse practitioner jobs in Colorado are asking for bilingual practitioners, I’m recommitting to learning enough of the language to talk with patients.


Eso fue difícil. I guess that’s a good thing lol

Robin Schoene

That was hard – I think I might be at the “starting at ‘hola'” stage.

Rory Foster

Hey Robin, no problem at all… “hola” is a good place to start!

Narin Tipton

This was a great placement test. i find it hard to put my sentences together and conjugate the verbs . I need to add the Spanish keyboard so it will help with punctuation and spelling. Thanks for this course. I look forward to the medical aspect in learning to communicate with my patients. Narin Tipton NP

Louise Box

I read better than I write and tend to freeze whe speaking. I want to review pracice and feel more conident

Britten White

Based on most of the responses, I feel like I am in the right place! That was a bit stressful for me too! I can read a little Spanish and know some vocabulary but trying to reply in full sentences is really tough for me. And speaking…don’t get me started. My brain goes completely blank!

Rory Foster

You’re definitely in the right place Britten! Deep breath and poco a poco we’re going to help you get comfortable speaking 🙂

Cheryl Gilbert

That was stressful! I do great with fill in the blank stuff but generating conversation is NOT my strong point.

Rory Foster

Respire profundo Cheryl… Todo va a estar bien :). We’ll take it step by step and help you get more comfortable speaking. We’re all in the same Spanish lucha-bus! (struggle-bus).


Welp, that was difficult lol. I took 4 years of French and found myself having to go back and delete responses I had subconsciously answered in French words, not Spanish. Hopefully this does not hurt me too much!

Rory Foster

No hay problema Adrienne! It won’t take too long to get into your groove :).


Whoops, I filled out one section incorrectly where I just translated what the sentence was saying rather than finishing the sentence in Spanish.

Rory Foster

That happens Marshall! No problem, we can use the answers you gave from the other sections :). Cheers,

Kameran Neises

My accents were non-existent during this test but I think I figured out how to do it on my computer keyboard after a bit of googling. Not that it will be much better but never the less at least they will be on a more in the future. Thanks

Rory Foster

Hey Kameran, here is a post I wrote a while ago on how to get accents on your computer. Check it out and let me know if you need something additional!

Peggie Parks

I am confused. I already signed up and paid for a course. Is this test supposed to advise me about taking some other course? After taking this I am terribly stressed. I was already a bit leery about how fast the “masterclass” videos went. I understand a bit of spoken spanish but cannot speak back — my brain doesn’t come up with the words.

Rory Foster

Hey Peggy, no stress. This test is just to give us an idea of who to pair you with during the practice sessions.

Caryn Hivner

Thanks for the test. Part of the questions reminded me of a spanish class here at home, in Reading, Pa…looking forward to it all! Thanks again.

Karen Quintero Castañeda

Hola Caryn,

You’re welcome! Bienvenida 😀

Erin Wilson

I think all the words I knew flew out of my head!!! And don’t get me started on tenses, lol

Karen Quintero Castañeda

Hola Erin,

Don’t worry, words are going to return to your head very soon 😀

Denyse M. Allen

I just submitted my placement test. I don’t know how to get Spanish writing on my computer so I couldn’t add accents or tildas. Sorry.

Karen Quintero Castañeda

Hola Denyse,

What operative system do you use? (Windows, iOS, Linux, etc.) I can help you add the Spanish keyboard to your computer 🙂


Hi! My phone auto added the accents… lol. Not that I knew what accents to add where. So if they are correct I can’t take credit. If their incorrect, I also can’t take credit. But I thought it was a great test!! Looking forward to jumping in!

Karen Quintero Castañeda

Hola Amy,

Don’t worry, any help is good help haha! 😀


Thanks a lot! Submitted my rushed placement test. Look forward to start my class!

Karen Quintero Castañeda

Hello Zemfira,

Received! You’re very welcome 🙂

Barb Howell

Hi Leslie and Rory,
I think I submitted the placement test. Thanks for your being willing to teach us from where we are!

Rory Foster

Received, Barb! And you’re very welcome 🙂

Sally I Judge

I just submitted my placement test. I do not know how to add accents. Sorry.

Rory Foster

No problem Sally!


I felt very comfortable taking the test and I feel that it does contain questions that are frequently asked. I am not fluent in Spanish, but I really want to create a bilingual Medical Assitant program at the college where I am employed.


Spanish placement?


Yes Cathy, If you complete the placement test above, we’ll give you our recommendation on which medical Spanish course best fits your level or if you’re in a good place to join one of our Medical Spanish Immersion Programs.

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