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Language Services

We specialize in Spanish for specific purposes and English for specific purposes.

Our language services are all focused on impacting communities through language.

We help students and professionals in bilingual environments make a difference in their communities and around the world with language.

You can expect nothing less than excellence when you contract for language services with Common Ground International

  • English Courses

    Learn English with Common Ground and get immediate results! Improving your English is quite possibly one of the best investments an individual can make in his/her career. And investing in your team’s English skills returns immediate productivity, safety, and customer service results. Studies show that how you communicate in the workplace has a drastic effect on how coworkers, employers and clients view you or your team. Learn more about learning English with Common Ground!

  • Language for Specific Purposes

    Teaching Language for Specific Purposes (aka LSP) is teaching language within a very specific context and with measurable and transactional objectives to using language. It’s very different from teaching general language classes. Teaching languages for specific purposes has been our specialty since we Common Ground was born in 2001, and now we’re sharing our secrets!

  • Free Learning

    Free Courses, Free Study Materials, and other Free Learning Resources Provided by Common Ground. It turns out that we have more ideas and material than we know how to sell. And, not everything has to be paid anyway – poke around a little and see if we’re giving anything away that meets your needs!

  • Medical Spanish

    Learning Spanish for healthcare produces immediate and noticeable results. We teach medical Spanish courses throughout Denver all year and provide medical Spanish immersion programs during the winter and summer months. Click here to find the right medical Spanish solution for you. Join a course that is interactive, fun & directly applicable to your day to day work with patients!

  • Spanish Immersion Trips

    Immersion is the quickest way to improve your comfort and confidence speaking Spanish! Intentional travel solidifies your language proficiency in ways that you never could at home. Learn more about how our Spanish immersion programs help you speak Spanish more comfortably and confidently!

  • Translation & Interpretation

    Certified document translation & qualified interpretation that you can trust! Use CGI’s certified professional translators and qualified interpreters and you’ll be certain that your message is communicated effectively and clearly. Learn more about document translation and interpretation services!

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