Mastering Ser & Estar in Spanish - Online Medical Spanish Course

Using Ser & Estar in Medical Spanish Conversations: Online Course

Ser vs Estar
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SER & ESTAR in Spanish have caused un dolor de cabeza for even the best of us! This course is an easy solution to help you master SER and ESTAR in Spanish!

The main problem with these two verbs is that Spanish has two verbs for “to be” while English only has 1 verb. SER & ESTAR in Spanish both mean “to be”; but you can’t use them interchangeably or at your discretion. There are specific rules for how to use SER & ESTAR in Spanish.

In this course on Mastering Ser and Estar in Spanish, you’ll learn:

  • Present tense conjugations for SER and ESTAR in Spanish
  • Helpful acronyms for keeping these two verbs straight in your mind
  • How to identify the context of a sentence or idea that you’re trying to communicate so that you can select the right verb
  • Common medical Spanish vocabulary that relates to SER & ESTAR in Spanish

The course includes:

  1. Instructional videos
  2. Examples of SER and ESTAR in Spanish used in clinical contexts
  3. Practice quizzes to test your mastery of Ser and Estar in Spanish
  4. Prepackaged downloads for self study and note taking
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