Mental health Conversation in Spanish - Listening Comprehension

Mental health Conversation in Spanish – Listening Comprehension

Mental Health in Spanish

Work on your listening comprehension in Spanish and learn about the mental health situation in Costa Rica!

Comprehension Questions from the conversation:

  1. Where is Helena from?
  2. What environment does Helena work in?
  3. What populations does Helena work with?
  4. Where does Paola work?
  5. Who does Paola work with?
  6. Where does Victoria work?
  7. What are the 3 main mental health diagnoses in Costa Rica?
  8. What is the primary issue with adolescents and why does Paola believe it’s such a challenge?
  9. According to Paola, what were the positive outcomes of the pandemic on a mental health level?
  10. And according to Paola, what was the hardest thing about the pandemic?
  11. How did Paola’s work change through the pandemic?
  12. What weren’t mental health professionals ready for when the pandemic hit?
  13. Where primarily is schizofrenia treated in Costa Rica? Why?
  14. What is Paola referring to when she discusses “oferta y demanda”?
  15. What therapeutic approach does Paola use ?
  16. What are Paola’s thoughts about labels when it comes to depression and anxiety?
  17. What is Paola’s approach to religion when working with patients?
  18. What perspective does Paola share about the family unit for Latino patients?
  19. Paola mentions 7 different classifications of professionals within psychology in Costa Rica. What are they and what is their area of emphasis?
  20. What is Paola saying about children, boys and girls specifically?
  21. What does Paola have to say about Fentanyl, Acid & Opioids in Costa Rica?
  22. Who does she mention is using drugs and in what environment?
  23. As a psychologist in Costa Rica, can Paola prescribe medications?
  24. How does Paola describe a wholistic approach to mental health? Who are the others involved in an interdisciplinary team?
  25. What is Paola most interested in knowing about in the USA in terms of mental health?

Learn the lesson vocabulary with this quizlet vocab set:

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Mental Health Conversation in Costa Rica...