Discussing PTSD in Spanish

Discussing PTSD in Spanish

PTSD in Spanish

PTSD is lesson 4 in our 5-lesson series on discussing mental health in Spanish. If you missed the previous lessons, be sure to check out the lessons on: depression, anxiety & substance abuse.

In today’s lesson on PTSD in Spanish, you’ll learn about:

  1. Una descripción del trastorno (a description of the disorder)
  2. Los diferentes tipos de síntomas y ejemplos (The different types of symptoms with examples)
  3. Diferencias en manifestaciones de síntomas con niños (how the symptoms manifest differently in children)
  4. Factores de riesgo y resiliencia (risk and resilience factors)
  5. Unas preguntas útiles (some useful questions for your patients)
  6. Terapias (therapies)
  7. Medicamentos (medications)

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Su tarea – Your Homework

  1. Review the notes & vocabulary
  2. Identify additional points and topics to discuss with patients
    • Let me know if you need help 🙂
  3. Remember to keep it simple if you need to
  4. Ask for help in the comments below
  5. Give it a try with your patients!

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2 responses to “Discussing PTSD in Spanish

Camilo Diaz

You guys are awesome. I would like to address two typos that I saw today in this lesson:
-excitado instead of exitado
-individuos instead of individuales
Thank you.

Rory Foster

Thanks Camilo! I’ll find those typos and update the downloadable notes.

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