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Intermediate Spanish for Pharmacists

Intermediate Spanish for Pharmacists
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Intermediate Spanish for Pharmacists

This Intermediate Spanish for pharmacists course helps students move from a beginning knowledge of general Spanish to an intermediate level of Medical Spanish. 

It is a perfect for the student with 2+ years of High School Spanish or 1+ years of college Spanish in the past, who wants to review what they already know and gain more knowledge of medical terminology in the pharmacy context. 

Class instruction will be given primarily in Spanish and students are encouraged to participate as much as possible in Spanish. 

Language learning is both academic and experiential. You will need to memorize new vocabulary, think about how it pulls together to form a complete thought, and PRACTICE!

Therefore, each class session will include a combination of new learning, and lots of practice! The best way to approach it is to be relaxed and not care about making mistakes with the language. So, be ready to relax, experiment, and LEARN SPANISH!

Additional Course Details

  • Each week of the semester, a new lesson will open up for you to watch the instructional videos, take notes, and build your Spanish vocabulary. You will have several days to watch the video lessons and learn the related vocabulary & grammar concepts.
  • Once a week, you will meet online with your classmates for a live practice session on the Zoom video conferencing platform. Your instructor will email you weekly with login details for our live online practice sessions via Zoom.
  • You can use any device you like to login to the zoom practice sessions (computer, tablet, mobile phone). Whichever device you choose to use should be equipped with a video camera and earphones/microphones for reducing background noise on the conference. Get Zoom setup on your device.

Tips for success in this course:

  1. Study little by little throughout the week in between practice sessions. Don’t try and cram the information the day or morning before your scheduled practice session. Do your best to complete the lesson content at latest 2 days before your practice session and review your notes the day before your practice session.
  2. Download & Print the lesson notes & actually take notes on them during the lesson videos. The more you physically write this content out, the easier it is to learn it.
  3. Give special attention to the vocabulary delivered throughout this course. Study it Span>Eng & Eng>Span before you move on. Use quizlet or write your own flashcards out.
  4. ALWAYS attend the live practice sessions whether you finished the lesson or not. Academic knowledge of a language is pretty useless if you’ve never taken the time to practice it.
  5. Study for your quizzes like any other test you would take – that will allow you to focus on the actual questions and tasks to complete during the quiz instead of being distracted by not knowing certain vocabulary, etc.

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Online Intermediate Spanish for Pharmacists
Rating: 5 out of 5
I have been studying Spanish for several years. However, I can honestly say this class significantly improved my ability to communicate in Spanish in a medical setting. This class drastically improved my medical terminology and it was quite interactive, despite transitioning to an online platform. You can study at your own pace with plenty of study material. I would highly suggest this course for anyone working to improve their communication skills in Spanish. Plus, Rory was a great instructor!
Rating: 5 out of 5
If you're going into this class as a beginner, like I was, you will have to spend a good amount of time and effort studying the material and memorizing the vocabulary. However, at the end of this course I do truly feel more confident with my Spanish and I know I will be able to help my patients way more than I ever could before. Also, a big bonus of this course is that Rory has embedded notecards in each module to help you study.
Rating: 5 out of 5
Rory is the best. He is so kind and understanding, and always answers questions without judgement. It was easy to practice Spanish with him because,, even if you messed up, there was no fear of judgement. The course gave me tools to be able to speak with Spanish-speaking patients in the pharmacy, without having to speak in broken Spanglish or call a translator. I'm excited to put these tools to the test!
Rating: 5 out of 5
I haven't spoken Spanish since I was in high school so having this class to refresh my memory and learn more was extremely helpful. Rory did an excellent job at making the class engaging and fun. My favorite part being when he wrote silly songs and dressed up to help us remember conjugations! This course definitely required me to put in some time to stay on top and do well on the quizzes but it was worth it because I can now communicate with my patients in the pharmacy. I used to be useless when spanish speaking customers came in to the pharmacy but now I can understand and do my best to provide the care the deserve! Thanks Common Ground International!
Rating: 4 out of 5
I hadn't spoken any Spanish in years and was a little unsure about diving back into a foreign language in the classroom. I needn't have worried, though, because Rory and the other teachers at Common Ground International were fantastic are engaging students and making class fun. They listened to us, the students, and customized what they were teaching based on our needs. Learning a new language is difficult, but if you are willing to put a little regular time in you will make noticeable gains in this class. I highly recommend it and hope to return at some point soon!

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