Intermediate Medical Spanish Semester Course

Online Intermediate Spanish for Pharmacists

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Intermediate Spanish for Pharmacists is perfect for the person who speaks some Spanish but needs to build confidence for professional work with patients in pharmacy settings.

Live Taught Courses Offered: Fall & Spring Semesters

Self-directed courses Offered: At your convenience

There are 15 lessons in this Intermediate Spanish for Pharmacists Course:

  1. Patient introductions & collecting patient information
  2. Ser, Estar & Present tense verbs in Spanish
  3. Symptoms in Spanish with tener, estar & other phrases
  4. Body parts, pain and injuries in Spanish
  5. Preterite past tense in Spanish
  6. Imperfect past tense in Spanish
  7. History of the problem & present perfect tense in Spanish
  8. Physical exam with affirmative & negative commands in Spanish
  9. Direct & indirect object pronouns in Spanish
  10. Medication instructions and medication counseling in Spanish
  11. Discussing contraception and STIs in Spanish
  12. Discussion depression and anxiety medications in Spanish
  13. Diet & exercise for the prevention and control of chronic illnesses in Spanish
  14. Prenatal education in Spanish
  15. Final project presentations
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9 reviews for Online Intermediate Spanish for Pharmacists

  1. Kathryn

    I have studied Spanish for many years, but this class allowed me to focus on medical terminology and aspects of the language that I had never focused on. Rory was a great instructor. We had a small class size which allowed for easy communication and individual practice with the language with feedback from the class and Rory. He was very engaging and encouraging and had a great attitude. I loved how class sessions were focused on the speaking, there is no better way to learn a language than to speak it.

  2. Sarah Colon

    Rory is an extraordinary teacher! If you want to learn spanish in a fun and interactive way, this class is definitely for you!! I had so much fun and always felt supported by Rory. You will definitely improve your communication skills and he will always come up with a song/acronym for you to remember words!!

  3. Sarineh Haghverdian

    I really enjoyed this class! Although English is not my first language, I was able to succeed in this course! The professor is very knowledgeable and understanding and does his best to help us.I learned so much in this course and looking forward to applying the skills I learned in real world experiences!

  4. Jobanie Ulloa

    I think this course was amazing the instructor was kind and very knowledgeable, even with the zoom format I felt like I was learning. I came into the course speaking Spanish my whole life and there were still moments in the class I felt I learned something that would help me be a better pharmacist in the future! If you are thinking of taking the course I would highly recommend the course its the perfect pace.

  5. luis.rangel

    I have been studying Spanish for several years. However, I can honestly say this class significantly improved my ability to communicate in Spanish in a medical setting. This class drastically improved my medical terminology and it was quite interactive, despite transitioning to an online platform. You can study at your own pace with plenty of study material. I would highly suggest this course for anyone working to improve their communication skills in Spanish. Plus, Rory was a great instructor!

  6. Collyn Lowe

    If you’re going into this class as a beginner, like I was, you will have to spend a good amount of time and effort studying the material and memorizing the vocabulary. However, at the end of this course I do truly feel more confident with my Spanish and I know I will be able to help my patients way more than I ever could before. Also, a big bonus of this course is that Rory has embedded notecards in each module to help you study.

  7. Riley Purnell

    Rory is the best. He is so kind and understanding, and always answers questions without judgement. It was easy to practice Spanish with him because,, even if you messed up, there was no fear of judgement. The course gave me tools to be able to speak with Spanish-speaking patients in the pharmacy, without having to speak in broken Spanglish or call a translator. I’m excited to put these tools to the test!

  8. Danyelle Ambrosio

    I haven’t spoken Spanish since I was in high school so having this class to refresh my memory and learn more was extremely helpful. Rory did an excellent job at making the class engaging and fun. My favorite part being when he wrote silly songs and dressed up to help us remember conjugations! This course definitely required me to put in some time to stay on top and do well on the quizzes but it was worth it because I can now communicate with my patients in the pharmacy. I used to be useless when spanish speaking customers came in to the pharmacy but now I can understand and do my best to provide the care the deserve! Thanks Common Ground International!

  9. Nikos Hollis

    I hadn’t spoken any Spanish in years and was a little unsure about diving back into a foreign language in the classroom. I needn’t have worried, though, because Rory and the other teachers at Common Ground International were fantastic are engaging students and making class fun. They listened to us, the students, and customized what they were teaching based on our needs. Learning a new language is difficult, but if you are willing to put a little regular time in you will make noticeable gains in this class. I highly recommend it and hope to return at some point soon!

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