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Mastering Medical Spanish with Rory and Leslie

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Mastering Medical Spanish with Rory & Leslie

Take your next steps in mastering medical Spanish with Rory & Leslie!

Registration opens again Aug ’21 – Get on the Free Masterclass list to make sure you don’t miss the next round!

We are excited to help you move from “hoping you learn Spanish” or “wishing you could speak Spanish” to guiding you through our time-tested processes and strategies to actually move toward mastering medical Spanish.

What day/time of the week is the class?

  • Every Wednesday we open an new online lesson for you to view and work through at your own pace.
  • Then on Tuesdays (10a Mountain & 7p Mountain) you have your live practice sessions with lesson review, Q&A and step by step vocabulary and grammar practice over the Zoom.

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When you invite us to lead you through your next steps with medical Spanish, you get results right away!

Here are the outcomes you can expect:

  • Constant cheerleading, guidance & accountability to ensure you meet your medical Spanish goals.
  • Improved connection, rapport, and confianza (trust) from your Spanish speaking patients
  • Less thinking about Spanish words and grammar
  • Quicker & more fluid conversations with broader comprehension in Spanish
  • Reduced anxiety and frustration with not being able to provide the same level of care, kindness & communication to your Spanish speaking patients
  • A better understanding of what your interpreters are saying to your patients & what your patients are telling your interpreters.
  • Mastery of the 6 essential verb tenses in Spanish

This course includes all of these components and extra bonuses:

*This Live series activity, Mastering Medical Spanish, has been reviewed and is acceptable for 22 Prescribed credits by the American Academy of Family Physicians. Physicians should claim only the credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in the activity.

**Provider approved by the California board of Registered Nursing, Provider #14584, for 22 Contact Hours. Licensee must retain this certificate for a minimum of 4 years after the completion date printed on this certificate.


21 reviews for Mastering Medical Spanish with Rory and Leslie

Cheryl Gilbert
Cheryl Gilbert

This course has been exactly what I was looking for. I’d spent several years piddling along with Duolingo…which did give me some basic concepts but this course has given me the skills I need to use as a family doctor. In addition to the knowledge of medical concepts in Spanish, the kind and supportive attitude of Rory and Leslie have helped me start to gain some confidence in using what I do know. I felt comfortable trying to speak Spanish with a patient today and while it was halting, it was a nice start and my patient was very appreciative of my efforts. I highly recommend this course. If you are on the fence about trying it…just do it…! Carpe diem…not Spanish but my personal motto.

Esther Vigil

I’ve have enjoyed the MMS class. It’s fun and very helpful.

Kasey H

If you are looking for a very detailed and attentive instructors, look no further then Mastering Medical Spanish. Every week you meet with your speaking partner and also meet as a group for the live session. Before attending the live session, you watch videos asynchronous about the weeks topics. Rory and Leslie are very knowledge about medical topics and have lots of resources for different specialties. I learned so much about how to appropriately say things to my patient population. I was really impressed how much my classmates and I improved over the 3 month course. I would highly recommend if you have a basic knowledge of Spanish this would be a really good course for you.

Barb Howell

This course is exactly what I was hoping for!! The lecture videos, downloadable notes and practice materials all structured to medical themes is an great way to learn Spanish that you can apply at the bedside or in an office setting. Additionally, the course gives cultural insights that are invaluable to understanding and caring for your patients. Rory and Leslie are fun, attentive and encouraging teachers. You won’t find a better value for your time and money invested in learning medical Spanish!! It is truly excellent! I’m looking forward to continuing to study with them.

Lauren Reitz
Lauren Reitz

If you’re looking for a fun, fast paced way to expand your medical Spanish, Mastering Medical Spanish is for you! Rory and Leslie maintain a light-hearted and fun interaction with each other and with all their students. They have developed a class that incorporates videos, both physical and virtual flashcards, games and a lot of conversation! I’m so glad I found you, Leslie and Rory!

Autumn Kreidman
Autumn Kreidman

What a great spanish class taught by two great teachers! I am a Family Nurse Practitioner and while I no longer work in a facility that requires me to use my spanish speaking skills, I wanted to continue and improve learning spanish. Mastering Medical Spanish allowed me to do this! The sentence structure, much of the vocabulary and grammar taught to us is used in every day conversation. I will continue to follow with them and their curriculum because I believe it will help me achieve my goal to speak spanish with more fluency.

Shanna Moss

Taking Mastering Medical Spanish has been one of the best choices I’ve made for my career this year. Not only have I learned so many medical and clinical terms, but Rory and Leslie guided us through the nuances of how to interact with all ages. My goal before starting the course was to actually open my mouth and start speaking Spanish at work. As the course progressed, that goal has been met and I’ve actually connected with my patients because they see I want to communicate respectfully with them. Every learning style is addressed to help Spanish ‘stick’ and the live sessions were such a help. Connecting with other professionals across the country and hearing how they apply Spanish was an added bonus. I highly recommend Common Ground International and especially MMS to anyone wanting to improve their clinical Spanish.

Amy Bryson

I can’t thank Rory and Leslie enough for helping me learn Spanish. Rory and Leslie are amazing teachers who are kind, motivating and encouraging throughout the process. Learning Spanish for the Medical professional has helped grow my confidence in speaking with my patients and more importantly being able to listen to them. I am so happy to have completed this course and am looking forward to continue learning with Rory and Leslie! I recommend this class to all my colleagues.

Timothy Dempsey
Timothy Dempsey

This course really helped me target the little nuances I need to work on to get to the next level. It was also very motivating to hear the stories of the others in the group and see them improve. I live in a county that was SIP during most of the course. It was so mentally uplifting to see and be able to interact with other virtual faces that weren’t my clients or coworkers. Rory and Leslie not only know their stuff, but they create a fun engaging environment every class that promotes improvement.

Jordan Nickols

I have enjoyed the opportunity to speak openly and, albeit, sometimes poorly, in spanish to a group of learners without concern for judgement and where everyone is there to push each other forward. This mentality is embodied in the care and effort Rory and Leslie pour into this program, and they are the reason this works so well!


This is an excellent class – definitely worth the time and money! I would recommend it to anyone looking to improve their Spanish for medical purposes. It is so nice to have a class centered specifically on clinical aspects. It is so helpful to learn the one-liners that will get you through exams with patients instead of one-liners to get you through a restaurant visit.

I also cannot say enough wonderful things about Rory and Leslie. They are knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and encouraging.

Stewart Tatem

Mastering Medical Spanish online course was very helpful and because it is all online, it is easy to work into a busy schedule. The lessons have a great amount of vocabulary that is focused on medical topics with just enough grammar to help you ask your H and P questions when you encounter Spanish speaking patients. Rory and Leslie and very helpful and easy to work with. I would definitely recommend this class.

Sharon Barefoot

Thanks Rory and Leslie, for getting back to me in a timely manner.

Susan Wingo
Susan Wingo

Mastering Medical Spanish (MMS) is what I have been searching for for years. It structures your learning into themed lesson plans with appropriate vocabulary & grammar to address specific aspects of your conversations with patients. The course begins with you identifying your 5 most common patient types (specific diseases, procedures, etc.) and focusing on what you need to get through a full encounter in Spanish. With Intercambio up and running, you can partner with a native Spanish speaker to work on pronunciation and listening skills.
Rory & Leslie are fun and engaging teachers, and the breakout sessions provide a great opportunity to put what you’ve been working on into practice. To get the most out of this course, be prepared to put some time into it – depending on your starting level of Spanish, about 3-6 hours a weeks. I strongly recommend this course.

Erin H.

If you are looking for a Spanish glass with a teacher that is extremely available and invested in your learning this program is for you. I have taken 4 classes with common ground International and went to Ecuador with a group last fall. The last class I took was the Mastering Medical Spanish online via Zoom. This class gives you the flexibility to study at your own pace and have the opportunity for real one-on-one conversation with people from around the world as well as weekly group classes. Every week there is a new focus on structure/conjugation/etc. with new medical vocab words. I could take the things I was learning directly to work and practice with my patients. I also had the opportunity to focus my learning on my specialty. Highly recommend this class and any other classes Common Ground International International provides.

Gail Spiegel

I have been taking many courses and done 3 immersion programs with Common Ground International and I am never disappointed. Rory and Leslie are both exceptional teachers and responsive to feedback and will make changes as they get input to meet students’ needs. My Spanish speaking and comprehension skills have improved dramatically over the years that I have worked with Common Ground and Rory and Leslie get credit for helping me achieve that. The Mastering Medical Spanish online course could not have come at a more perfect time with everything in this world having to go remote due to the corona virus. Rory did a masterful job of presenting over Zoom and making interactive learning materials available to enhance our learning. The conversation portion has also been very helpful with native Spanish speakers from Latin American countries partnering with English speaking students.

Diana Pencheva

I could not recommend this course enough. It is filled with tons of practical knowledge and you can start practicing Spanish with your patients from the first lesson. Leslie and Rory provide excellent support and have such a positive energy. I am so glad I took this course but I still have a lot of work ahead as learning a new language is not something that you can master in 3 months. Now, I understand my patients and can catch if the interpreter in my clinic is not saying what I said. Highly recommend.


Highly recommend. Rory and Leslie are fantastic teachers and if you put in the time and effort, you will improve your medical spanish.

Sally Judge
Sally Judge

I’ve been on & off with my Medical Spanish studies for several years. I have to complete 20 CE hours every 2 years and end up with one or two hours of Spanish for nurses. I occasionally volunteer in a clinic with many Spanish speakers and I decided I could do better. When I started searching for something online, I came across the Video Viernes. I found that I benefited from the techniques. I signed up for the MMS course to receive a very structured course that involved a routine of lessons and conversation. I’m continuing with the intercambio to further my conversation skills. Thanks Common Ground International.

jeannie peterson

I highly recommend this course. There are videos with downloadable powerpoint notes and an app called Quizlet which qizzes you on the material. We had an hour live session with Rory weekly where we reviewed the week’s material and practiced speaking with each other in chat rooms with Rory’s guidance. The content is comprehensive and well-presented. Rory created a very supportive environment. By the end of the course I felt a lot better about speaking spanish. The course also provides a section where you can post your availability and find someone to practice spanish with during the week. I was lucky to connect with an M.D. in Washington state and we still practice.

Valerie Skvarca

I really enjoyed the Mastering Medical Spanish online Class. It was a great format and I look forward to taking more of their classes in the future as I have more to learn!

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