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    • 1st Lesson Opens: Friday 8/26/22 (online – complete on your own time)
    • 1st Live Practice Session: Monday 8/29/22 (Zoom practice session: 7p Mountain Time)
    • 2nd Lesson Opens: Monday 8/29/22 (online – complete on your own time)
    • 2nd Live Practice Session: Thursday 9/1/22 (Zoom practice session: 7p Mountain Time)
    • 3rd Lesson Opens: Saturday 9/3/22 (online – complete on your own time)

Welcome to the Medical Spanish Masterclass! Here is a quick introduction…

Do these 3 things NOW!

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L1: 8/26/22 online & 8/29/22 (live)

L2: 8/29/22 online & 9/1/22 (live)

L3: 9/3/22 online

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Important Masterclass Dates One More Time:

  1. 1st Lesson Opens: Friday 8/26/22 (online – complete on your own time)
  2. 1st Live Practice Session: Monday 8/29/22 (Zoom practice session: 7p Mountain Time)
  3. 2nd Lesson Opens: Monday 8/29/22 (online – complete on your own time)
  4. 2nd Live Practice Session: Thursday 9/122 (Zoom practice session: 7p Mountain Time)
  5. 3rd Lesson Opens: Saturday 9/3/22 (online – complete on your own time)

Comment below…

Why are you registered for this masterclass?

What do you want to work on and improve with your Medical Spanish?

126 responses to “Medical Spanish Masterclass

Keisha Svitak

I registered as I take care of home care patients who speak Spanish and I like to surprise them when I understand them.

Alexandra MacPhee

Hola Keisha! Excelente. I hope this course has helped you improve and surprise them even more!

Keisha Svitak

I can’t get access to these blueprints

Rory Foster

Hi Keisha, just make sure you’re logged in and you can get the blueprint from Lesson 3


I am an RN and currently working on my FNP. My goal is to learn medical Spanish to improve my communication with patients who speak Spanish.

Alexandra MacPhee

Welcome Janet! Suena como una buena meta! That sounds like a great goal! I’m sure with this class you’ll be able to serve your patients better.

Donnica Harry-Waddell

Hi .

Vikki Stefans

I’ve stalled out in progress with Spanish, Hablo un poco, per- no confidence, and just enough to maybe get a visit started but not get all the details. Good interpreters have kind of spoiled

Alexandra MacPhee

Welcome Vikki! I’m sure you’ll get a lot of this course. Suerte!

Donnica Harry-Waddell

I’m in the same boat..let’s keep trying

Andrea Giganti

¡Hola Donnica! 😊
Tienes la actitud perfecta para avanzar… ¡seguir intentando hasta lograrlo! And you will! 👏🏽

Gabriela Al-Shamma

Wow this is super inspiring to see so many others in the field working on their Spanish! I’m an new ICU RN here in Denver and would just really love to be able to comfort my patients and their families in Spanish (when applicable).

Stephanie Beltrán

Bienvenida Gabriela, glad you are here! 😊👋🏼 You will benefit a lot from this course, see you in class!

elaine lee

I’m a family medicine resident in CA, 85% of my patients are Spanish – speaking only. I’d like to be able to get through most clinical encounters without using an interpreter. I’m about 50% there by learning on the fly. But I’m looking forward to taking my Spanish skills to the next step! I’ll miss the zoom sessions because I’m on night shift, but will catch up later as I can. Thanks!

Alexandra MacPhee

Bienvenida Elaine! Gracias por el comentario. I’m sure you will gain a lot of the class. It seems like you have excelente motivations to improve your Spanish!

Karen Byfield

I am a Labor and delivery nurse in Nogales< Arizona.
I would like to be able to find out valuable information while caring for them

Alexandra MacPhee

Gracias por el comentario Karen! Sounds like you have a great goal in mind.

Maria Ortiz

I am an LMSW working in an FQHC in NYC. My most common types of Pt’s suffer from Anxiety or Depression, or both. Regardless I registered b/c I am sure I would learn new things. So far it has been helpful to learn the difference between lo/la and le/te – also, how to use the scaling question….even to learn OLDCARTS. Thank you! PS – I also found the “La depresion y la ansiedad” PP and looking that over!

Stephanie Beltrán

Welcome Maria! 👋🏼 We are glad you are here! 😊 This course will give you tools and more vocabulary to communicate with your patients. 😉

Kelley Laughlin

Hello! I have taught high school Spanish for 16 years. Before that I worked as a bilingual family case manager and did some interpreting, but it was almost all maternal /child health related. I’ve done some medical interpreting since then, but in March, we will be going to Cuba with a team doing orthopedic surgery. My job will be to interpret for the initial history and physical exam.

Stephanie Beltrán

That’s amazing Kelley! 😉👍🏼 This course will help you practice your Spanish!

Eden Fletcher

I’m a Physician Assistant originally from California but currently living in Massachusetts. I’m planning on heading back to SoCal within the next year and want to make myself more competitive as a provider in the area and allow me to help a broader patient population.

Stephanie Beltrán

Welcome Eden! That’s an excelente meta Eden 😉👍🏼 You’ll love the course!

Donnica Harry-Waddell

Hi… honestly . I was so confused at the beginning but I think there us much to learn. I am a Medical Social Worker assigned to Oncology. Our clients do have presenting problems which sometimes border on Social support, options of care after discharge, financial status, etc. I hope that this course would help me to I teract with my clients better to identify what their presenting problems are and readily work out care plans with them that tailor to their unique needs. Thank you so much Rory and Lesile. Happy new year

Stephanie Beltrán

¡Feliz Año Nuevo Donnica! 😊✨ That’s excellent! Yes, the course will help you and give you guidelines to interact with your patients. 😉

Kim Martin

I really need more help with conversing with my Spanish speaking patients. This class was a great opportunity

Andrea Giganti

Welcome, Kim! We are here to help

Brittany Perzia

Thank you so much for offering this class for free. I am a resident physician, and I could really use this knowledge to improve my care for Spanish-speaking patients. I hope this will also help reduce the anxiety I experience when I encounter these patients.

Andrea Giganti

Welcome, Brittany, it’s a great goal to have! You will get specific tools to manage those encounters!

Kelley Lynn Laughlin

Hello! I have taught high school Spanish for 16 years. Before that I worked as a bilingual family case manager and did some interpreting, but it was almost all maternal /child health related. I’ve done some medical interpreting since then, but in March, we will be going to Cuba with a team doing orthopedic surgery. My job will be to interpret for the initial history and physical exam.

Eve King

I am an elementary school nurse and my goal is to refresh my memory on basic Spanish pronunciation and to be able to ask students simple questions if they come into my healthroom without another student to help translate. It has been over 40 years since I have taken a Spanish class and although I have been around Spanish speakers I am a little rusty.
This course was recommended by our ESOL teacher.

Rory Foster

Wonderful Eve, welcome!

Maria Benitez


I am fluent in Spanish but need to improve my medical terminology in Spanish. How effective will this course be for me since I am able to functionally communicate in Spanish?


Rory Foster

Hey Maria, welcome! This course is FULL of medical Spanish terminology – it will be great for you!


Hi – two questions:
1. Verb forms: it seem that the ‘we’ forms are all identical regardless of past/present/future tense? for example ‘we speak’ = hablamos, and ‘we spoke’ = hablamos? Is this true and how would one know in conversation which form we mean?

2. Will the video lectures be available to view after the masterclass has finished next week?

Thank you,

Rory Foster

Good observation Alicen. It’s partially accurate. The present tense and preterite past tenses have the same conjugation for WE with -ar verbs. So, yes context is the only way you would be able to tell “hablamos = we speak” apart from “hablamos = we spoke”. Words like: “ayer”, “ya” , “esta mañana” and other time markers are the context clues that help you know if it’s a past tense or present tense.


As a response to Karyn Dundorf’s comments, I wanted to say I have always called Tampons : (tampones) But sometimes when you look for a translation for a word on google translate they don’t have ones for certain words.

Rory Foster

You’re 100% right Sonia, tampon = tampón in Spanish. Here are two better resources than Google translate for looking up words:

  1. Wordreference
  2. Spanishdict
  3. Linguee for phrase lookups
Sonia M Agosto

Great thank you for that resource.


Hola Rory, Como estas? Ya me gradue de el Spanish Masterclass y no se si ustedes proveen un Certificado de Finalizacion. Si por favor me puedes dejar saber donde lo puedo soliciatar. Gracias, Sonia M Agosto


I am an ER nurse studying to be a Family Nurse Practitioner. I used to speak a lot of Spanish at work until about 10 years ago when we were told we were not allowed to unless we were a certified interpreter. Coworkers who grew up speaking Spanish could not pass the certification test so I just stopped speaking Spanish to all of my patients. Now I am taking clinical classes in and much of my patients will be primarily Spanish speaking. I need to be able to communicate with them without an interpreter.

Rory Foster

So glad you found us Elizabeth. Yes some systems are VERY hands off when it comes to Spanish. It’s usually a decision made by legal. We advocate for responsible communication, knowing your limits, and getting language help when you need it. Welcome to the Masterclass!


I am a speech-language pathologist and see Spanish speaking patients regularly in a hospital and outpatient setting. I used to live in Ecuador after college and at one point in my life was near fluent. However, I feel my Spanish is declining and I need more practice! Hoping this will motivate me to do so. Here are my top 3 patients:
1. 80 year old woman with difficulty swallowing due to GERD and choking with solids
2. 60 year old female s/p CVA with cognitive impairments and dysarthria
3. 70 year old male with mild cognitive impairment who is no longer able to drive or manage own medications.

Rory Foster

Awesome att333! Welcome to the masterclass 🙂


I am looking to improve my Spanish so that I may better communicate with my patients.

Rory Foster

Awesome Elizabeth, you found the right community!


I have Spanish speaking patients all the time and it’s frustrating for everyone when the communication isn’t there, plus important things can get missed. We have a video interpreter which is great but I would feel a lot more comfortable asking assessment questions myself.
I have very basic Spanish knowledge and would like to work on simple ways to ask patients questions but also to be able to understand their response.

Rory Foster

You’re in the right place Elisa! So glad you found the Masterclass. See you online!


I work in the Bronx with many Spanish-speaking patients, and I wanted to learn Medical Spanish to better communicate with my patients.

Rory Foster

Welcome Mengyang!


I took Spanish for 2 years in high school, but that was over 20 years ago. I have been in the healthcare industry since 1989, and I’m currently a RN, I can pick some words in a conversation and try to communicate with my patients but I want to better.

Rory Foster

Awesome Yvette, glad you found the Masterclass!


I want to become a medical Interpreter and need to be better at Spanish and Medical Spanish


I am a practicing physician in Texas so I regularly encounter Spanish speaking patients. We have ready access to medical interpreters but I have been working on improving my vocab and conversational fluency during the pandemic. I also really enjoy travel and as Spanish is the official language of many many destinations, I hope to use my learnings for fun and cultural exchange too.

Rory Foster

Welcome Leigh, glad you found the Masterclass!

Monique Moya

I lived in south Florida off and on almost 30 years, still never learned. In my current practice we have alot of migrant workers who only speak Spanish that we care for. I really need to be able to communicate!

Rory Foster

Hey Monique – welcome to the Masterclass! We’re glad you found us and we’re happy to help you communicate!


Thank you for offering this program! I feel this program will help me better communicate with my patients.

Rory Foster

You’re so welcome Haley – glad you found us!

Sonia M Agosto

I feel pretty comfortable with my spanish but asways feel I can brush on my medical terms in spanish to better assist the patients I work with.

Rory Foster

Great Sonia, enjoy the medical terms in the Masterclass!


I’m a physician assistant that will be working in a population of Spanish speaking patients next year! I would like to become more comfortable with obtaining a history and physical exam, as well as providing basic patient education. Looking forward to learning with you all!

Rory Foster

Awesome Katherine! The opportunity to have regular exposure to Spanish will be great for you as you start your new job! This fall is the perfect time to brush the cobwebs off your Spanish and lay some new and improved foundation for working with your patients. See you online!


I’m a new graduate FNP about to start working in an underserved clinic with many Spanish-speakers. I want to be able to communicate with my patients and form a bond without relying on an interpreter!

Rory Foster

Double congratulations Meg! Congrats on finishing your FNP program … and Congrats for landing a job! Glad you found us and we’re excited to work with you in the Masterclass. See you online

Leslie Little

I am studying to be a medical interpreter.

Rory Foster

Welcome to the Masterclass Leslie!

Michelle Jackson

Hi, I am a FNP and I am working in an under privilege area and predominately Spanish in urgent care and I am using a language line. I find ut time consuming and frustrating understanding my patients and have them understand my concern for their health and well being. I have always wanted to learn Spanish and your teachings are medical focus and I can watch them anytime which is what I need! Thank you!!

Rory Foster

So glad you found the masterclass Michelle. We’re looking forward to helping you communicate directly with your underserved patients!

Sydney Woodard

I registered because I love speaking Spanish and I would love to be a medical interpreter and help my mom who is a nurse learn more about Spanish for her patients. I would like to improve my precessional Spanish speaking and of course my vocabulary for medical terms.

Rory Foster

Great Sydney – welcome to the Masterclass!

Wanda Orange

I am a Family Nurse Practitioner about to start working in an underprivileged community. Most of the patients speak predominantly Spanish and I was unable to get a full time position because I am not able to communicate without a translator

Rory Foster

Welcome Wanda! We’re honored to help you meet your career goals and build relationships with your patients directly in Spanish! Cheers,

Lauren Reitz

Hi Rory and Leslie!
I’m back for more! I decided to revisit the beginner Mastering Medical Spanish class to re-enforce the grammar skills before moving to the next level. Looking forward to next week!

Rory Foster

Hey Lauren, I saw your registration come through and got excited to work with you again! Welcome back!

Kim Barnes

Hi there! I’ve been studying and practicing Spanish for many years (even lived in Costa Rica for three years until last month) and my goal is to become a medical interpreter. I am truly passionate about the language and healthcare. I am hopeful that this class will help me to become more confident in the language and use everything that I will learn in this course to aid me closer to getting an interpreter license in the near future. I am excited for this new challenge!

Rory Foster

So glad you’ve joined us Kim!

christine barbato

Hi! I am super late to the party! I really love your learning platform and the interaction with you and the Mrs. With my busy schedule, I try whenever I can to watch your Youtube videos and I was really looking forward to this preview master class. I started a new job last week so I had signed up for the preview class with the intent of saving material and reviewing this week. I am logged in, but am unable to access any of the content from the three lessons nor the recorded live sessions

estoy triste:(
PS I look foward to an immersion trip to Costa Rica when this Covid is over!

Rory Foster

Congrats on the new job Christine! We did have to shut down the free masterclass…but it will be back! Shoot me an email and we’ll work something out :).

And yes – we’re excited about medical Spanish immersion again as well. We’re taking steps right now to get our ducks in a row for summer ’21 starting June 26th. And we hope to get back onto our regular February & July schedule full steam in ’22.


I’m super late to the party, but I’m a certified nurse midwife and women’s health nurse practitioner. I will be working in an area that sees a large population of Spanish-speaking patients. I’m hoping to learn Spanish to be able to better strength the relationship I develop with them throughout their pregnancies and during their labor and birth. Thank you for this course. I will look for more of your courses in the future as well.

Rory Foster

Hey Jessica, no worries – Welcome to the party! Work through the lessons at your pace and consider joining us for the full length course!

Narin Tipton

Hi I am a Nurse Practitioner. Studied abroad in Cuernavaca and Guadalajara Mexico in 1994. Went to Guatemala on a nursing medical missions trip in 1997 and finished up a BA with emphasis in Spanish in 1999 after I did a summer internship abroad in Venezuela working in a hospital. My study was so long ago and I barely get to use my Spanish I have been a nurse for 22 years and a nurse practitioner for 14 years. I would really like to be able to communicate better with my Spanish speaking patients rather than rely on the interpreter phones. I think I second guess myself a lot. Looking to be more confident and fluid!! Thanks

Rory Foster

Welcome to the Masterclass Narin! With your exposure and history with Spanish, you’re going to make great strides! Take your time to work through the masterclass lessons over the next few days and the weekend! Cheers,


Hola a todos! I’m Gaby and I’m a register nurse. Even though I completed the healthcare interpretation for healthcare workers program in college a couple years ago I’ve become a little rusty which is why I’m here!

Rory Foster

Great Gaby… Welcome! So glad you can participate :). See you online!

Sarah Pfefferle

¡Saludos a todos! I am Sarah, SpanishEnglish Interpreter/Translator, usually legal or schools, …but recently work is scarce. I am struggling to keep abreast of my language level. I have always been interested in stepping into medical, but my linguistic confidence is dropping. I appreciate the encouragement and acknowledgement of imperfection being perfectly human – it allows for growth through error. Although I missed Tuesday’s Opening Class, I will be there tonight – Thursday.
Thank you kindly for this.

Rory Foster

Welcome Sarah! So glad you’re joining us in the Masterclass! Yes it’s refreshing to cut yourself some slack… not just with language – in most areas of life :). See you tonight!


I’m a language teacher — of both English and Spanish — not a medical professional/healthcare worker. Some of my Spanish students are in the medical field, and they’ve asked me about specific vocabulary and usage for their specific needs at work. I plan to encourage these students to enroll in your Medical Spanish Masterclass, and to supplement the lessons with my own classes. Hoping they can still register at any point during the entire course.

Rory Foster

Hey Dave, welcome to the Masterclass and we welcome your students too :). Here is the Medical Spanish blog of posts and lessons I’ve taught over the years to also share with your students:


I’m a WHNP and want to improve my limited Spanish for my patients. It’s been a goal for some time, hoping 2021 is the year of competency and improved communication in Spanish.

Rory Foster

Awesome Jennifer! Welcome to the Masterclass 🙂

Kadie Bopp

Hi my name is Kadie and I am a L&D nurse. I don’t encounter a ton of Spanish speaking patients but I would like to learn some basic terms that I can use to take care of Spanish speaking patients adequately.


I’m not officially a healthcare employee. I work in Child Welfare. There are times I need to know medical terminology, and I need to complete interviews and get social history on my families. I have to check in with the family’s primary physicians, confirm immunizations are up to date, and sometimes ask medical questions of family’s whose first language is Spanish. I have taken Spanish in the past – Junior High and High School, and maybe one class in college. I just hope to get anything I can out of this course, practice my Spanish speaking (faster and without having to think so much about it – that will take time), and hopefully find many overlapping areas between the medical Spanish and child welfare area. Thank you!

Rory Foster

Awesome Michelle – welcome to the masterclass!


I work as a registered nurse at a local hospital. I have the opportunity to utilize Spanish every shift. I feel like you can’t practice enough. Leslie and Rory Foster with Common Ground International are amazing. I’ve taken classes with them years ago, in addition to traveling to Costa Rica on a Spanish immersion trip. I’m looking forward to this master class. ¡Gracias!

Rory Foster

Oh my goodness Cory… HI!!!! So great to see you in the Masterclass :). Abrazos amiga,

Suzannah Pessagno

I work at the front desk of a bilingual, free and charitable clinic in the United States. I would like to be more understanding of pts describing their sx over the phone and then respond more correctly/professionally to them when asking for clarification to forward their questions appropriately or schedule the necessary appointment.

Rory Foster

Welcome Suzannah!


Hi! I’m Jacqueline and I’m a certified nurse midwife. I studied Spanish in college and did some volunteer work in Mexico. I’ve used Spanish off and on throughout my career as a nurse and CNM and I’m always looking for ways I can improve to help serve my patients better. I would like to improve my vocabulary so that I’m using the most appropriate words in my conversations with patients, not just something good enough to get by. Thank you so much for doing this!

Rory Foster

You bet Jacqueline… welcome!


I am a maternity nurse in Massachusetts. I know enough Spanish for little things but would like to improve.

Rory Foster

Wonderful Susan – so glad you found us and we’re excited for the opportunity to work with you!

Anita R.

Hi all! I passed the written medical interpreters exam nit to long ago. I am looking forward to practicing as I am preparing to take the second part of the assessment which is oral. I have to admit that I am having a difficult time focusing. I find myself blanking out from time to time. Rather than focusing on conveying the message, I get caught up on looking for just the right word or phrase. Recently, my family members were quite ill and so I found myself becoming quite inconsistent with the practice. Fortunately, they are recovering nicely.

As you mentioned a tremendous amount of medical terminology can be quite overwhelming. I need help prioritizing the vocabulary. I am looking forward to creating a plan and a practice schedule.

Rory Foster

Welcome Anita! Congrats on passing your written test. Yes as an interpreter your short term memory and ability to focus on the message being communicated are just as important as the language skill itself. We’re excited to help you narrow your focus in your studies, practice and learning plan. See you online!

Ilene K Graebner

I’m new to the Masterclass. I’ve taken some medical spanish classes before but still have never had actual conversation with others as it’s always been online classes. I’m currently looking for work as a medical records clerk in the Los Angeles area.

Rory Foster

Can’t wait to work with you Ilene! Poco a poco let’s get you speaking!


Super excited to brush up on my Spanish. I was fluent 20 years ago, but lost it because I never used it again. I am so looking forward to this. Thank you!

Rory Foster

So glad you found the masterclass Wendy – Welcome!


Hi, I’m a native Spanish speaker working as a registered nurse in labor and delivery. I communicate with my patients just fine, I just want to learn actual medical terms as I don’t know many medical terms in Spanish. Hope to add to my Spanish vocabulary and be able to better communicate with my patients about their care.

Leslie Foster

Bienvenida Lucy! Great work already meeting your patients in their native Spanish. This Masterclass will be packed full of specific Medical Spanish vocabulary. Hasta pronto en the Masterclass!


I am interested in learning Spanish especially for the medical profession. I am an RN practicing at bedside. This is actually one of my goals for 2021. However i am currently working nights. I see that most of your life sessions are in the evening which I wouldn’t be able to make. Is it possible to still complete this course successfully if I cannot participate in the live practices? Also I am a little uncomfortable with “practice with your friend”. If both of us are learning don’t we need someone with experience to help with correct pronunciation?

Rory Foster

Hi Kathleen, welcome to the Masterclass! Yes you can work through the lesson content and see the live practice session replays if you’re working during the live sessions.

A quick note about practicing outside of class (unsupervised) when it comes to pronunciation, grammar, etc. Our goal for you is “functional fluency” in Spanish. One of the Functional Fluency principles is that close enough is good enough for meaningful communication to happen. So, while you always want to be improving with your next steps, we wouldn’t want perfection to get in the way of progress. See you online :).


RN (4 months until I complete my FNP) working at a surgery center here. Just hoping to gain some vocabulary to help with patient interviews.

Rory Foster

Great goal Corri – and an early congrats on finishing your FNP program :). See you online!


Thank you for this! Also it was impossible to make it at the live time but it looks like you have recorded sessions! Awesome!

Rory Foster

Glad you can join SW!

Joy Glanville

I want to improve my Spanish to provide safer care.

Rory Foster

Great goal, Joy – see you online!

Keala Fleming

I would like to be able to converse with patients in Spanish, to make them feel more comfortable.

Conversational Spanish

Rory Foster

Great goal Keala! Looking forward to meeting you online!

Jasmin Dusel

Hi, I’m an icu nurse in Florida and I frequently come across many patients that are Spanish speaking only. Because majority of them are usually sedated and inubated, I’d like to be able to give them simple phrases as far as what I’m doing or asking them to do. I’d also like to be able to provide their families with updates instead of always searching for an interpreter. I was born here in Florida and have always wanted to learn Spanish, I plan to continue on learning after this class.

Alexandra MacPhee

Bienvenida Jasmin! It sounds like you have a great motivation to improve your Spanish. This will be the perfect way to start!


Hi, is the 4am Mountain Time also?

Rory Foster

Good morning Beatrice… the asynchronous (not live) lessons open up early morning and you can work through them at your convenience. The most important thing to schedule in your calendar are the synchronous (live) practice sessions in the evenings. See you online!


Thank you for your time and offering this class for free. am willing to put in the time however, I am unable to attend some of the days because i will be at work. Will these classes be recorded that I may view them at a later time?

Rory Foster

Hey Clarice, thanks for the note! Yes the lessons themselves are recorded so that you can view them any time. The live practice sessions will be recorded as well for your review if you have to miss. See you online!

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