Medical Spanish Intermediate Listening Comprehension Course

Medical Spanish: Intermediate Listening Comprehension

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Intermediate Medical Spanish Listening Comprehension

Why this course?

Unless you’re in a guided immersion setting with language pros dedicated to helping you, listening comprehension in Spanish is one of the more difficult skills to improve on your own. It’s not that you can’t find people to listen to in Spanish, the problem is that it’s difficult to know what to focus on, and nearly impossible to assess what you’re missing in a given exchange.

So we put this intermediate medical Spanish listening comprehension course together for you to help you with your listening comprehension skills.

What do you get?

In this course you’ll find 4 lessons that each include…

  1. Videos of Spanish being spoken
  2. Full scripts of the videos in case you need to clarify something
  3. Video notes for download
  4. Vocabulary Lists for reference
  5. Quizzes that test your comprehension on the videos you watch.

Begin this course today and start improving your listening comprehension!

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