Intermediate Listening Comprehension – Medical Spanish

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This is a 4 lesson medical Spanish listening comprehension course that will help you improve your listening comprehension of native Spanish speakers!

In this medical Spanish listening comprehension course, we include 4 separate videos with downloadable notes to help you improve your listening comprehension in Spanish.

Each lesson also includes a listening comprehension quiz that assesses your understanding of the video’s main ideas and specific details of that video.

4 reviews for Intermediate Listening Comprehension – Medical Spanish

Carolyn Green

Very engaging and often entertaining.


This is a great course. I have found that I have the most trouble with comprehension when my patients speak. This has helped me and also led me to expand to other videos in Spanish to practice on.


Common Ground International does an incredible job with personalization and accountability in my journey in learning Spanish. An amazing tool for anyone that does not have access to in person Spanish courses!


Common Ground International provides quality educational tools. This one is another of the fantastic courses provided by CGI. It is definitely for an intermediate Spanish student. Each segment features native Spanish speakers in real life experiences. These are not “canned”; but rather real broadcasts, interviews, or interpersonal communication using Spanish as it is heard in the speaker’s respective country. I highly recommend this and any other courses offered by Common Ground International.

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