Intermediate Online Medical Spanish Course

Intermediate Online Medical Spanish Course

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***This is a live medical Spanish course that meets online as your schedule allows. It is not a pre-packaged medical Spanish curriculum that you complete on your own time***

  • 10 Class hours: scheduled to fit your needs
  • Individualized Instruction: 1:1 classes target learning to exactly what you need
  • Low-stress & high impact learning

Intermediate level conversational medical Spanish classes meet online!

This course is perfect for the intermediate level Spanish student. You should have command of present tense verbs in Spanish, and a decent working knowledge of past tense verbs in Spanish as well. You do not have to be confident in the use of past tense verbs, or other tenses, but you should be relatively comfortable in conversations with your Spanish-only patients.

This is a 1:1 format class in which you meet with your Costa Rican instructor on your schedule. Every class you will dive into topics that you need to practice in order to work more effectively with your patients. After the vocabulary is defined, you’ll role-play scenarios practice with your teacher.

You will be exposed to command tense verbs, future and conditional tenses, and you will have specific lessons dedicated to learning and practicing these verb tenses in the context of your daily clinical encounters with patients.

Learn more about Common Ground’s online Medical Spanish Courses.

More details about this intermediate online medical Spanish course:

This course is delivered over the Cisco Webex Platform. Once you’ve registered with Common Ground, you will take a placement test and define your schedule with your instructor.

Equipment needed for the online Medical Spanish course:

– Laptop, desktop or mobile device with: Strong and stable internet connection (WiFi or wired), video camera so your instructor can see you, and headphones/microphone for the audio connection.

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3 reviews for Intermediate Online Medical Spanish Course

  1. Laura

    I love taking this online medical Spanish class. It is all participation and very engaging. Rory is hilarious and very flexible to each student. I am probably a little more advanced than an intermediate class, but I still find it soooo helpful. I love having other medical professionals to converse with and having Rory there to correct my grammar and help find more appropriate ways to word things for my patients. I am also happy about the time change because it is more work-friendly.

  2. Georgia

    I look forward to this class every week. I am learning so much. The class platform is so interactive and Rory is a really fun teacher. I wish I could take it twice a week

  3. Kellie

    This class has been so amazing. I have learned so much in the 3 classes I’ve participated in. And “participate” is the right word. It’s not just sitting. You have to actually use and practice what we are learning for the day. Plus I love the convenience of doing it at home. You still have plenty of visual aids though through the program where the teacher is typing notes for you as well so you can read and hear the words all at the same time. Very helpful learning tool!!

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