Medical Spanish Immersion Pre-Departure Course

Medical Spanish Immersion Pre-Departure Course

Medical Spanish Immersion Trip
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Learn all about your upcoming Medical Spanish immersion trip (and international rotation)!

We are sooo excited to start our trip planning with you. This is roughly a 10hr course. Please budget your time appropriately…*And Don’t Wait Until The Last Minute To Get Started*

4 thoughts on “Medical Spanish Immersion Pre-Departure Course”

  1. THis website it frustrating–I ahve already registerd my travel info and contact and passport. When I go to that tab it now has me preloaded as 3 weeks as a beginner–I am 1 week as advanced etc. IT is not realistic to ask buys doctors to do so much on a tight deadline, and the placement test doesn’t save between sessions!!

  2. Boy I feel slammed by all the work that there is to do!. I’m stuck in the middle of the lessons of all the names of the specialists. I guess I’m no getting enough correct answers.but it just keeps asking me questions. I don’t believe that someone could finish the literacy test on 30 minutes. And why the heck is it so complicated to” hold” that info so that You can complete it later. I’m getting a little frustrated
    . Can you tell.

  3. Teri Grothaus

    You guys have your work cut out for you, as I definitely bombed that spanish placement test! haha. Looking forward to learning ALL the things!

  4. I hope I have completed everything you have requested. Let me know if I have failed to get you anything for pre-departure. See ya soon.

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