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Costa Rica High School Immersion Pre-Departure Course

Costa Rica High School Immersion Pre-Departure Course
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¡Bienvenidos al programa de inmersión a Costa Rica! Learn all about your upcoming Spanish immersion trip! This is the required pre-departure course for all High School Immersion Participants.

 We are sooo excited to begin this adventure with you! This is roughly a 6hr course. Please budget your time appropriately…*And Don’t Wait Until The Last Minute To Get Started* Get started today!

Please note: Two things…

  1. There are various High School Programs this summer. You will see other programs mentioned. Most of the information is relevant for all Costa Rica programs unless otherwise indicated. ¡Gracias!
  2. There are three lessons that are not complete. The Volunteer work, the adventures / excursions and your host family assignment. These lessons will be updated this spring. Stay tuned!!!

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