Pregnant in Spanish: What is the right word?

Pregnant in Spanish – what’s the best word?


So, how do you talk about pregnancy and pregnant in Spanish?

I can’t tell you how many clarifications I make in my classes on a regular basis – so don’t feel bad if you need some help here.

Some high frequency words/phrases that you probably want to use:

el embarazo = pregnancy

embarazada = pregnant

quedar(se) embarazada = to get pregnant (embarazarse also works)

Let’s take these one at a time:

El embarazo is a noun (pregnancy).

Ex. Durante el embarazo es importante comer una dieta balanceada. (During pregnancy it’s important to eat a balanced diet)

Ex. Está bien hacer ejercicio durante el embarazo, pero debe tener cuidado. (It’s okay to exercise during pregnancy, but you should be careful)

Embarazada is a state that your patient is in (or wants to prevent :). So, just like other “states,” you’re going to want to associate the verb estar with embarazada.

Ex. Mientras está embarazada es importante comer una dieta balanceada. (While you are pregnant, it’s important to eat a balanced diet)

Ex. Puede hacer ejercicio cuando está embarazada, pero tiene que tener cuidado. (You can exercise when you’re pregnant, but you have to be careful)

Quedar(se) embarazada is to get pregnant (or become pregnant). Often we use this one in the past tense – and some people tend to use it reflexively (with the se) – but it doesn’t have to be in the past nor reflexive.

Ex. Ella tiene 2 hijos y quiere quedarse embarazada otra vez. (She has 2 children and she wants to get pregnant again)

Ex. La muchacha no se protegió, y quedó embarazada. (The girl didn’t use protection and got pregnant)

Quick notes from a father of 3:

  1. Los niños son increíbles.
  2. Mi esposa está muy bonita cuando está embarazada.
  3. No quiero 4 hijos.
  4. Mi esposa no puede embarazarse otra vez 🙂

Post your questions and uncertainties below in the comments section and we’ll be glad to respond!

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