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Medical Spanish Elective Courses for Universities

Spanish Elective CoursesSince 2001 our Spanish elective courses have helped undergraduate and graduate students gain Spanish as a practical skill even though they are specializing in an “unrelated” degree program.

The concept is very simple; Spanish is a practical skill in today’s marketplace. Unfortunately, most colleges and degree programs on campus are unable to integrate targeted language elective courses into curriculum for their students because the world language department struggles to make it happen.

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Some of the most common roadblocks when trying to build a Spanish elective course into a different degree program are:

The curriculum development problem. Specialized language curriculum is difficult to develop. The language department on campus probably doesn’t have a champion for your cause; and even if they do, there usually isn’t budget to allocate toward custom curriculum development.

The perspective shift required. Your students need Spanish elective courses that are “quick and dirty” – most of them probably aren’t interested in becoming double majors (or even Spanish minors). This is difficult for the mainstream language department to accommodate.

Red tape. Even after you’ve identified a faculty member from another school or college on campus, it can still be difficult to get the administrative paperwork (getting course objectives and syllabi approved by multiple curriculum committees), scheduling, and the course registration process in place.

How do we help colleges, schools and departments bring relevant Spanish elective courses to their students?

Curriculum development is our specialty. We thrive on the opportunity to serve your program and your students with the most practical and efficient route possible to Spanish proficiency.

We have pioneered this perspective shift. We’ve defined the language proficiency that your students need to be effective in the marketplace for their field. It’s functional proficiency, and we’ve specialized in helping people gain functional proficiency in 2nd languages since 2001. Would you believe that we are unique in the language industry? The idea of Spanish for specific purposes is just now catching on – there are very few specialists like Common Ground across the nation!

Cutting through the red tape. No bureaucracy on our end – we want your business and we’ll be ready to start as soon as you are! After defining your needs and establishing our working relationship, we’ll send you course objectives, syllabi and a simple contract; and we’ll be ready to start next semester!

Btw: If you’re interested in offering Spanish for healthcare careers at your institution, we have the medical Spanish you need!

What about study abroad – can you help us with that?

Absolutely, and it would be our pleasure to provide a Spanish immersion option to your students. Here is a listing of our current short-term study abroad programs. If nothing on that list fits your needs, let’s customize something for you!

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