Medical Spanish: How to talk the gynecologic exam in Spanish

How to Talk Through a Gynecologic Exam in Spanish

How to Talk Through a Gynecologic Exam in Spanish

El examen ginecológico | The gynecological exam in Spanish

This Medical Spanish lesson includes all the vocabulary and common phrases you need to talk through the gynecologic exam in Spanish. We cover high frequency Spanish vocabulary for female exams including, verbs, female anatomy, common tools and supplies for GYN visits and useful phrases.

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Unas palabras confusas | Some confusing words

Ginecólogo/a vs. Ginecología vs. Ginecológico/a Gynecologist vs. Gynecology vs. Gynecological
Usted necesita hacer una cita con la ginecóloga. You need to make an appointment with the gynecologist.
La ginecóloga es especialista en ginecología.  The gynecologist is a specialist in gynecology.
El papanicolau es un examen ginecológico. The pap smear is a gynecological exam.
Obstetra vs Obstetricia vs Obstétrico/a Obstetrician vs Obstetrician Obstetrician
Usted necesita hacer una cita con la obstetra. You need to make an appointment with the obstetrician.
La obstetra es especialista en obstetricia. The obstetrician is a specialist in obstetrics.
La cesárea es una cirugía obstétrica.  Caesarean section is an obstetric surgery.

Vocabulario útil | Useful vocabulary

Anatomía: Anatomy:
Células Cells
Cérvix, cuello uterino Cervix, cervix
Dedos Fingers
Muslo Thigh
Ovario  Ovary
Piernas Legs
Rodillas Knees
Útero Uterus
Vagina Vagina
Herramientas: Tools:
Bata Gown
Cepillo cervical  Cervical brush
Espéculo Speculum
Estribos Stirrups
Verbos: Verbs:
Examinarle To examine (your..)
Insertar To insert
Intentar To try
Mover To move (something)
Moverse Moving yourself
Poner (los pies en los estribos) To put (your feet in the stirrups)
Ponerse la ropa Putting on clothes
Quitarse la ropa To take off clothing
Raspar To scrape
Relajar To relax
Respirar profundo  To breathe deeply
Sacar una muestra To take a sample
Sentir To feel

Más Vocabulario | More vocabulary

Dolor leve  Light / not severe pain
Entre Between
Incómodo vs. Cómodo Uncomfortable vs. Comfortable
Manchas Spotting
Muestra Sample
Normal vs Anormal Normal vs Abnormal
Papanicolau Pap Smear
Período, Regla, Menses Period
Presión Pressure
Primero (a) / último (a) First  / last
Quiste  A cyst
Regular vs Irregular Regular vs. Irregular
Sangrar, sangrado Bleeding
Sensible, sensibilidad Sensitive, tender

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Preparación | Preparation

Ahora necesito examinarle. Favor de… Now I need to examine you. Please…
Quitarse la ropa de la cintura para abajo  Take off your clothing from the waist down
Quitarse los pantalones, la falda, el vestido y la ropa interior Take off your pants, skirt, dress and your undergarments
Ponerse esta bata Put on this gown
Subirse a la mesa de exámenes Get on the exam table
Voy a volver en unos minutos I’ll be back in a few minutes
Ponga sus pies aquí en los estribos por favor  Put your feet here in the stirrups please
Muévase más hacia mí por favor (hasta que sienta mi mano) Move down toward me please (until you feel my hand)
Intente relajar las piernas y dejarlas caer al lado Please try to relax your legs and let them fall down to the side

El examen | The exam

Yo sé que esto es incómodo, intente relajarse.  I know this is uncomfortable, try to relax.
Respirar profundo puede ayudar a relajarse. Breathing deeply may help you relax.
Primero, voy a examinar un poquito afuera de la vagina First, I’m going to examine a little bit outside the vagina
Ahora va a sentir mi dedo mientras examino la vagina por dentro Now you will feel my finger while I examine you inside
El espéculo es frío The speculum is cold
Ahora va a sentir un poco de presión Now you’re going to feel a little pressure
Sé que es incómodo, pero no debe doler mucho. I know this is uncomfortable, but it shouldn’t hurt a lot.
Dígame si tiene dolor  Tell me if you have pain
Ahora voy a usar el cepillo para sacar una muestra de de las células del cuello uterino Now I’m going to use this brush to take a sample of the uterine cells

Terminando el examen | Finishing the exam

Ok, ya terminamos.  Ok, we’re done.
Voy a mandar esta muestra al laboratorio y… I’m going to send this sample to the laboratory and …
…vamos a llamarla con los resultados en ____ días We’ll call you with results in ____ days
…usted recibirá los resultados en ____ días You’ll receive results in ____ days
Usted puede ponerse la ropa  You can put on your clothes
¿Tiene alguna pregunta para mí? Do you have any questions for me?
Es normal tener unas manchas después del Papanicolau, pero si sangra mucho, llámeme It’s normal to have some spots after your Pap, but if you bleed a lot, call me

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