Brief Prenatal Education Review in Spanish

Brief Prenatal Education Review in Spanish

For this week’s topic: Prenatal Education Review in Spanish, I thought I’d share some activities, vocabulary, and simple instructions that a group of OB/GYN residents came up with during our recent Spanish session this past Friday.

In this lesson we:

  1. Reviewed Gynecology vocabulary and OB vocabulary.
  2. Reviewed how to give simple instructions and Usted commands in Spanish
  3. Then we practiced some instructions for pregnant women regarding: weight gain, diet, physical activity and caffeine, alcohol and tobacco consumption during pregnancy.
  4. Then we finished the lesson with some conversational prompts that mimic some patient questions.

Watch this video about this week’s topic: Prenatal Education Review in Spanish

Learn the Spanish Gynecology vocabulary from today’s lesson:

Learn the Spanish OB vocabulary from today’s lesson:

Un comentario por favor!

¿Qué otras instrucciones les da a las mamás embarazadas?  Write the other instructions you give below … your best attempt in Spanish!

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3 responses to “Brief Prenatal Education Review in Spanish

Rebecca Hamlin

Puede tomar acetaminophen para dolor durante el embarazo pero no debe tomar ibuprofen.


I’d like to learn some vocabulary surrounding a mother’s concerns about what medications for pre-existing physical or mental health conditions she can and cannot continue to take during pregnancy.

Rory Foster

Sounds like a great topic Anneliese. Thanks for the suggestion! I can guess you might need to talk about depression and anxiety medications for the mental health side of your request. Anything else? And what about the physical conditions you’re referring to? Can you give us any guidance there?

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