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Learn Medical Spanish for Free | Lessons & Terminology Downloads

Free Medical Spanish Tools to study medical Spanish for free

Our goal is to help you learn medical Spanish for free! Please use and share these free tools to learn medical Spanish terminology…

These monthly downloads are completely free, get yours today and share this page with your colleagues & coworkers who want free medical Spanish terminology as well!

We package up a new set of medical Spanish terms every month just for you! Some months we’ll publish free medical Spanish lessons as well (that are individual lessons of larger online medical Spanish courses). Enjoy!

Instructions to download your free medical Spanish learning tools:

  1. Click on the image to download the free tool for a given month. Complete the form and get your free download!
  2. Scroll down this page to see previous months free learning tools
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Tips to learn Medical Spanish vocabulary

Febrero, 2018

Discussing Diagnoses in Spanish

Enero, 2018

 Knee Pain in Spanish: Symptoms, Exam, and Diagnosis

Special uses of ESTAR in Spanish (Verb To Be)

Diciembre, 2017

Prenatal care in Spanish

Ser vs Estar (Verb To Be) in Spanish

Noviembre, 2017

How To Talk Through the Labor & Delivery Process in Spanish

How to Evaluate Depression in Spanish using

Octubre, 2017

Explaining Depression Diagnoses & Treatments in Spanish

Talking About Growth Charts in Spanish

September, 2017

How to Explain the 10 Most Common Fall Season Illnesses in Spanish

Explaining the Painful Shoulder Exam in Spanish

How to Explain Safe Sleep Recommendations
in Spanish

August, 2017

How to Measure Blood Sugar Level in Spanish


Easy strategy for identifying gender (el or la) in Spanish

July, 2017

Conversación en el hospital México de Costa Rica

Conversación con la Directora de Enfermería

Conversación en la farmacia en Nicaragua

Indirect Object Pronouns in Spanish

Eye, Foot & Kidney Tests in Spanish

Special Verbs in Spanish: cer-cir, ger-gir, car-gar-zar, guir

May, 2017

How to Talk About Pain in Spanish: Dolor, Duele, Adolorido

April, 2017

16 Verbs & Useful Phrases for the Physical Exam in Spanish

March, 2017

10 Common Medical Spanish Mistakes

Verbs, Nouns & Adjectives that Describe Injuries in Spanish

3 Ps of Hospital Nursing in Spanish


February, 2017

Fall Prevention in Spanish – Useful Vocabulary To Learn

Active Listening, Empathizing & Summarizing Patient Complaints in Spanish

January, 2017

How to Discuss Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes in Spanish

Cultural Tips for Women Providers Working with Male Latino Patients

How to use OLDCARTS in Spanish


Vocabulary for Explaining 5-2-1-0 Diet in Spanish

Vocabulary for Screening Patients Using the SIG E CAPS Acronym



December, 2016

Vocabulary for Explaining A1C Tests and Results in Spanish


Vocabulary for Explaining HEENT Exam in Spanish



Explaining “Clean Catch” Urine Sample instructions in Spanish

How to give clean catch urine sample instructions in Spanish

August, 2016

Vocabulary for Discussing STDs in Spanish

Free STDs in Spanish download

March, 2016

Medical Spanish Pronunciation Lesson

Free Medical Spanish Pronunciation Lesson

February, 2016

Pharmacy and Dosing Instructions Flashcards

Medical Spanish Pharmacy Flashcards


January, 2016

Family and Family Conditions Flashcards

Medical Spanish flashcards

 December, 2015

Signs and Symptoms Flashcards

We’ve compiled the most frequent signs and symptoms terminology in Spanish so that you can ask a question like: ¿Tiene ______? and understand patient answers when you ask: ¿Qué le pasa hoy?

Medical Flashcard set of signs and symptoms

 November, 2015

Ser vs. Estar Spanish Grammar Cheat Sheet

Ser and Estar are tricky verbs in Spanish. Mistakes don’t always impede communication with your Spanish speaking patients; but it’s great to get them right when you can!

Free Spanish Grammar Lesson

October, 2015

Professions, Departments and Specialties Flashcards

You should never have to say “doctor de corazón” again and sound like a hillbilly in Spanish (no offense to my backwoods brothers and sisters 🙂 )- this flashcard set will help you learn the right terms for professions, specialties, and departments in your hospital!

Professions, Departments and Specialties Medical Spanish Flashcards


September, 2015

Anatomy Flashcards

Buenas tardes señor Rodriguez, yo veo que usted tiene cálculos en los….eh…er…kidney-ohs. Don’t be stuck adding Os and As to any word to try and make body parts sound Spanish – learn the real words! (btw: kidneys are riñones).

Free medical Spanish anatomy flashcards

 August, 2015

Medical Spanish Terminology Glossary

A pretty exhaustive list of medical Spanish terminology organized by specialty. This is a great 1,300+ term reference guide!
Free Medical Spanish terminology download

If you’re looking for a formal medical Spanish course – we’ve got you covered too

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