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Construction Spanish

Construction SpanishConstruction Spanish Vocabulary and Flashcards

Save thousands of dollars and weeks on the job by learning Construction Spanish vocabulary!

Few construction sites today aren’t staffed with Spanish speaking labor. Often whole subcontracted crews are Spanish-only workers. Construction Spanish classes help you save the thousands of dollars that are at stake every day if communication between General Contractors and Subcontractors breaks down. Let Common Ground International help you keep control of your jobsite and save you time and money by eliminating costly communication errors.

Learn practical Construction Spanish, and keep control of your job site. This Construction Spanish course is currently available in small group & individual study options in Colorado. You will learn:

  • Numbers and units of measure
  • Telling time and days of the week
  • Everyday tools and materials
  • Common tasks, setting daily (weekly) agendas, and fixing mistakes
  • Casual conversation
  • Present tense verbs
  • Quick and useful commands

The above list of themes for the general construction Spanish classes is usually a good place to start.  However, we’ll of course work with you directly to define the specific vocabulary and grammar that helps you work most effectively with your employees and subcontractors.

Useful Spanish tools for the construction site:

Contact Us today to schedule Construction Spanish classes for your crew.

Would you prefer that your Spanish speaking employees learn English? Consider offering an English Class that is equally tailored for your jobsite.

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