Spanish Immersion Trip Payments

Spanish Immersion Trips

Spanish Immersion Trip Payments:

This is the page where you can…

  1. Reserve your spot on the Spanish immersion trip you want to join (contact us if you’re uncertain which trip option is right for you).

  2. Make regular payments toward the trip you’re already registered for (you’ll receive a payment schedule when you register initially)

4 thoughts on “Spanish Immersion Trips”

  1. Justin Kronenwetter

    Hey, I am just trying to find a price for the trips. Only a deposit amount.
    Perhaps it’s in plain view and I’ve missed it??
    btw whenever something is not in plain site it usually off putting especially in business.
    This course was recommended and I have some interest.
    I’ve traveled many times but my spanish is stuck on travel spanish level, I have NO interest
    in ONLINE learning, I will not do any classes through the day due to my work. I would rather set specific time aside and get into it. thanks!

    1. Hey Justin, thanks for the note and glad you found our immersion trips! There is a pricing link on the specific Immersion pages, but you have to see the details about that specific program first (high school, medical, educators, adults, etc). So, if you’re viewing the Adult Spanish Immersion trips (for example), you’ll see a link for pricing there along with other links for more information and registration. Hope that helps!
      Spanish Immersion trip pricing links

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