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Family Immersion Trip

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Make your immersion deposit and other payments for your upcoming family trip! Please include 1 deposit* per person who will be traveling on your family trip.

After you make a deposit, you will be given access to our Family Spanish Immersion Pre-Departure Course to help you in your planning.

You may return to this page to make your remaining payments by selecting the Remaining Balance Payment* option to enter a specific amount.

**Nicaragua Update**

Due to the current political unrest in Nicaragua, 2019 programs in Nicaragua are still pending.  All Family Spanish immersion programs are only being offered in Costa Rica at this time. Official State Department Info on Nicaragua’s situation.

*As detailed in the terms and conditions, program payments are non-refundable. A portion of your payment may be transferable to a future program. Please contact CGI program leaders ASAP if you anticipate a change in your travel plans to discuss your options.


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2 reviews for Family Immersion Trip

Michelle F

Wow! My 2 children and I had the most amazing immersion experience with the Common Ground family. From the moment I decided that we were going to do it, Rory and Leslie were helpful, supportive and patient. They clearly communicated the pros and cons of program options and were flexible in making things work for us. Although our Spanish was limited, I felt welcomed and safe to practice my “best” Spanish with the Common Ground family and other program participants. Everyone was super nice and helpful, especially with my 12- and 14-year old who were overwhelmed and “shy”.

The Common Ground family facilitated a true immersion experience, yet supported our limited Spanish...I learned so much (including to adjust my expectations for myself and my children). Learning another language is challenging, but the Common Ground family helped make it fun and really understood how overwhelmed we were at times.

I can’t say enough great things about our trip ... we adored our host Tica mom and our Spanish teachers. We went on amazing trips, exploring the beaches, National parks, and other parts of Costa Rica, with the Common Ground family and on our own. (Rory and Leslie were extremely helpful with our planning for our solo trips.) And, most importantly, we extended our comfort zone and learned a ton of Spanish in the process. My kids are looking forward to starting Spanish at school and want to do the program again in the future.

Thank you Common Ground family!


Loved everything about the family immersion trip!!!

The teacher was perfectly suited for our family! After the first lesson, I asked my 5yr old what she learned, and she replied, "Nothing. We just played." How perfect is that?--She had no idea that she was learning. The immersion method really works, too. Our children's Spanish took a huge leap as a result of the classes designed specifically for their ages and interests. The teacher was so kind, and took into consideration my children's requests to play certain games over and over. (And over. And over. And over again.)

I also loved how we were able to work together with Common Ground to design a class and schedule that worked best for us. They were with us every step of the way and even made changes to the program activity schedule for us after we were already there to accommodate our needs.

Casa Papaya is also very conveniently located, making it exceptionally easy to get around without a car. Everything you could possibly need is within a few minutes' walking distance. It is a safe, comfortable place to stay and really lends itself to the immersion experience as most of the residents and shop owners do not speak English.

I cannot say enough good things about this program. My only regret is that we couldn't stay longer. We plan on returning and doing it all again in a few years.

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