Family Rate Sheet Spanish Immersion : Costa Rica & Ecuador

Spanish Immersion for Families in Costa Rica and Ecuador: Rate Sheet

Our Spanish immersion for families pricing is a per person, per week breakdown. It includes:

  • 10, 15 or 20 hours of Spanish classes per week
  • A shared homestay family, and two meals per day.

You are free to mix and match location. Or you can settle down in the Central Valley location and make weekend trips out to explore other locations during your free weekends!

Santo Domingo, Costa Rica

10 hrs/wk of class & lodging:

  • Adults: $1,239.00
  • Kids: $699.00

15 hrs/wk of class & lodging:

  • Adults: $1,339.00
  • Kids: $799.00

20 hrs/wk of class & lodging:

  • Adults: $1,439.00
  • Kids: $899.00

Family Spanish Immersion in Cuenca Ecuador

Cuenca, Ecuador

10 hrs/wk of class & lodging:

  • Adults: $1,239.00
  • Kids: $699.00

15 hrs/wk of class & lodging:

  • Adults: $1,339.00
  • Kids: $799.00

20 hrs/wk of class & lodging:

  • Adults: $1,439.00
  • Kids: $899.00

These weekly per person costs include:

  • A week of homestay with a local host family
  • Two meals per day (breakfast and dinner) with your host family
  • Spanish instruction by native, certified Spanish instructors (hours defined by the option you choose – 10, 15 or 20 hours per week)
  • Volunteer projects (when available if your dates align with group programs)
  • Transport from airport upon arrival
  • Travel medical insurance

These costs do not include:

  • Lunches
  • Optional 1/2 day or full day excursions
  • Optional overnight weekend excursions
  • Your flights

You may want to rent a car while on your trip, but it’s not necessary. There are plenty of public transportation options for you that would be a nice cultural experience for your children as well. Volunteer projects, day & overnight trips vary in cost depending on location, length, and guide needs. We’ll work with you on a clear proposal for your Family Spanish Immersion program and work within your budget.

Your Spanish classes will take place Monday to Friday, and you will have time on the weekends to travel or spend with your host families. If you wish to stay in one specific location, there is always the option to visit the other available locations as optional excursions during a long weekend excursion!

How do we reserve our family immersion trip so we can begin planning our Spanish immersion?

All of our programs include basic travel medical insurance with trip interruption, delays, lost bags, etc. Here is the standard description of coverage for your included travel insurance plan.

If you have any uncertainties about your upcoming adventure, it might be a good idea to consider additional travel insurance coverage . If you’re looking for a Cancel for Any Reason policy, we suggest you shop for it here:

Extra travel insurance

22 thoughts on “Spanish Immersion for Families in Costa Rica and Ecuador: Rate Sheet”

  1. Myself and my son 23 year old would love to do an Immersion trip to learn Spanish.
    We are not sure about the dates though and also which country Ecuador or Costa Rica.
    Which one is more popular and what dates do you have open in the summer.
    What airlines do you usually travel with and what are the good rates for air travel to these countries?

    How much should we budget to spend while we are there.?

  2. HI! I was recommended to you by Kathi Van Eepoel… I touched base with you last year but that didn’t work out. Wanted to get information for myself and my high school senior daughter for an immersion trip to Costa Rica this summer. Thank you!

  3. Our family has specific dietary needs (such as a child allergic to cows milk) and do not eat meat or fish. Are you able to accommodate dietary restrictions with a home stay?

    1. Hi Danielle, thanks for the note. We’re absolutely able to accommodate vegetarian and dairy free diets. Once you get signed up, we’ll ask you to complete a travel registration form in which you specify your family’s needs and we take those into account as you get placed with a host family. Feel free to reach out to me if you’d like to schedule a call! Cheers, Rory

  4. Kristine Hunter

    Hi, I am looking for an immersion program for my husband and I. March 15-24th in Coasta Rica. We are looking to do volunteering, immersion in the same house, and classes. Do you have something that fits this in that time period?

  5. HI,
    Do yo have any availability in June 29- July 4 available for me and my 18 year old daughter? I am fluent in Spanish (second language) and my daughter just graduated with high school Spanish and is interested in an immersive experience before college. I know it’s soon. Thanks

    1. Vanessa Hernandez

      Hi Hazel, sure! Could you please email us directly at [email protected] so we can schedule a call with you and discuss all the logistics for your trip? Looking forward to hearing from you!

  6. Hello, was reading about your interesting programs.
    May I ask the level of the lodging and if there is a more “private” possibility? I really value the true immersion experience, but knowing myself I would take advantage of some privacy and comfort too.
    Can I know more about the volunteering projects? Are they going to be available in July? What type of projects are? Are they suitable for kids/teens to join?
    Would the program fit a mom and daughter of 12?
    I have a good Spanish knowledge ( B2 Cervantes and working to C1) while my daughter has been studying Spanish as second language in School since year 1, I would say she is a A2.

    1. Vanessa Hernandez

      Hi Clauda, so sorry for the late reply. Yes we have more private options for lodging. And yes the volunteering projects are suitable for kids and teens to join 🙂 The program would certainly fit you and your daughter. Please email us directly at [email protected] so we can schedule a call with you and we can discuss any and all doubts you might have 🙂

  7. Hello, we are trying to look into Spanish immersion options for our family for the fall on 2024. I’m trying start thinking through budget now so we have time to save. I would love some information on having littles who wouldn’t be in classes. It looks like there may be some preschool or nanny type options? Thank you!

    1. Hi Colleen, yes there is a Montessori preschool option in Costa Rica that we can have your littles in during class times (or all day if you prefer). Let’s schedule a time to chat and talk through logistics.

  8. What do you generally vharge for a 3 year old and a 1 year old since they won’t be receiving classes. I assume our 7 year old would meet the children’s price? It’s been exciting to discover a homestay option gor a whole family!

    1. Hey Elizabeth, thanks for the note! Your hunch is right that they wouldn’t be calculated as a regular paying child on the program b/c they won’t be taking classes, etc. We’ll need to calculate some lodging expenses for your 3 and 1 y/o children. Additionally, if you want help with them, we can work on a niñera (nanny) for them. There is also a great Montessori preschool not far from our Costa Rica location that you might like to consider. The best approach here is probably to have a conversation and figure out what fits your family best and then I can work up a customized quote for you. Email me when you have a minute and we can set up a call: [email protected] . Cheers, Rory.

  9. I sent you a message earlier, but I am afraid this is going to be a little more complex than I imagined. . . I have a college student whom is very serious about learning Spanish and staying possibly up to 8 weeks. The rest of us, probably the parents and a 17, 15, and 11 year old, will only stay a week, maybe two, if we can afford it. So, we wouldn’t do a medical program, probably just a family one, but I am very curious about cost . How much for our college kid? And, can our other kids be considered kids, not adults? So hoping this is possible!!

  10. Could you please give some information on what the homestays are like? We Have a 5 and 7 yr old and can share a room if needed.

  11. Hello There,

    We are looking to do an immersion trip right after the Christmas holiday. We are a family of four. Our children are 9 year old, boy/girl twins. Please let us know if that week is available in either Costa Rica or Ecuador?


    p.s. our children speak Italian/English fluently.

    1. Hi Tona, thanks for the note! Yes that week is available for classes, homestay and some fun cultural and touring opportunities. There wouldn’t be much in the way of volunteer work that week as most of the organizations we support are closed for the holidays. Let’s schedule a call to discuss! (303) 684-5557

  12. Please contact me regarding a possible Costa Rica immersion trip for a family during the week of Jan 2-6, 2023. We are good friends with the McDevitt’s. I left a message for Leslie last week and would love to hear if this is a possibility?
    Thank you!

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