Poás Volcano National Park Tour

Poás Volcano National Park Tour

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This is your opportunity to see the crater of an active volcano!

Summer 2024 date: Wednesday July 3

Poas volcano has one the largest craters in the world and is located in the forests of Central Mountain Range. You’ll be able to see the crater of an active volcano from different vista points and enjoy a peaceful hike through easily accessible trails that will allow you to see a grand variety of birds and magnificent natural landscapes. 🌲

This is an optional excursion on the Costa Rica Spanish immersion trip. This is a 1/2 day trip (about 5 or 6 hours) to Poás volcano just outside Central Valley. This tour is usually done with our Immersion groups in the morning before your afternoon Spanish classes. Private tours outside of our Immersion itinerary can also be arranged.

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1 review for Poás Volcano National Park Tour

  1. Gabrielle Innocent

    The tour was cool but in my experience, the clouds got in the way and we couldn’t see the volcano :/ but if I had the opportunity to go again with nicer weather, I would go again! The walk up to the looking point was nice and serene.

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