Post-Immersion Online Spanish Classes: Build Your Foundation!

Post-Immersion Online Spanish Classes


Post-Immersion Online Spanish classes help you retain and solidify what you learned abroad!

  • 10 Class hours: scheduled to fit your needs
  • Individualized Instruction: 1:1 classes target learning to exactly what you need
  • Low-stress, high impact, helps you retain your immersion trip learning

Post-Immersion Spanish classes online:

Everyone has heard the language learning cliché “If you don’t use it, you lose it”. This is a truth with languages. You will make huge progress with your Spanish when you’re traveling abroad, but the point is to RETAIN the advances you’ve made, right?

This post-immersion online Spanish course is built specifically to help you retain the Spanish you learned while traveling and help you continue to advance your Spanish from this point on. Your private instructor will help you:

  • Keep your listening comprehension skills sharp
  • Solidify those grammar topics that you were just scratching the surface of while you were abroad
  • Use your Spanish on a weekly basis so that you don’t lose it!

More details about this online post-immersion Spanish course:

This course is delivered over the Cisco Webex platform. If you don’t have a free Webex account already, you can sign up for one here. You will schedule your class meetings directly with your instructor. Once you’ve registered with Common Ground, you will receive the link and login instructions to access the online course.

Equipment needed for the online classes:

– Tablet, Laptop or Desktop with: Strong and stable internet connection (WiFi or wired), video camera so your instructor can see you, and a headphone/microphone set to maintain high quality audio between your instructor and you.

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