Medication adherence and follow up conversations in Spanish

Medication adherence and follow up conversations in Spanish

In this medical Spanish lesson you’ll learn 7 great questions to give you insight into how closely your patients are adhering to their treatment plan. For each question, we also share some follow-up questions and suggestions for your patients.

The 7 questions suggested by the AAFP to know how closely they’re adhering to their treatment plan are:

  1. Do you have all the medications you were prescribed?
  2. Do you understand why you are taking them?
  3. Do you ever forget to take your medications?
  4. Do any of your medications make you sick?
  5. If you feel worse, do you stop taking your medications?
  6. If you feel better, do you stop taking your medications?
  7. If you have asthma, do you carry a rescue inhaler with you?

Watch the lesson & download the notes to learn how to ask them in Spanish and discuss their responses with them.

Here is the video viernes lesson I taught:

Para conversar con tu compañero de práctica! Practice some medication follow-up conversations. Use these common prescribed meds …

El amlodipino
El lisinopril
La amoxicilina
La atorvastatina
La azitromicina

La hidroclorotiazida
La levotiroxina
La metformina
La simvastatina
La vicodina

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