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Discussing side effects of medications in Spanish

Discussing side effects of medications in Spanish

In this lesson, you will learn how to talk about possible side effects of the medications your patients are taking and what to do if they experience those side effects.

Pay careful attention to:

  • The 20+ common side effects in Spanish in the lesson
  • The Spanish names for the 19 most commonly taken medications in the USA
  • How you can use some “if, then” statements to help your patient know what to do when they have a side effect to their medication.

Use the quizlet activity below to study & learn the lesson vocabulary!

Practice with your conversation partner:

What meds do your patients take? Talk through the possible side effects with your partner. Here is a list of the most common medications in the USA:

El acetaminofén

El amlodipino

El ibuprofeno

El lisinopril

El pepto bismol

La amoxicilina

La atorvastatina

La azitromicina

La guaifenesina

La hidroclorotiazida

La hidrocortisona

La levotiroxina

La loratadina

La metformina

La pseudoefedrina

La simvastatina

La vicodina

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