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Discussing Medication Forms and Dosing Frequencies in Spanish

Discussing Medication Forms and Dosing Frequencies in Spanish

In this free medical Spanish video viernes lesson, you’ll learn how to give clear medication instructions in Spanish. You’ll learn common forms of medications (pills, tablets, creams, injections, etc) and useful dosing frequencies like: # of times a day, at specific hours, when needed, etc.

Medication Forms in Spanish:

El elixir = elixir

El jarabe = syrup

El medicamento = medication

El suero = IV

La aguja = needle

La botella/el frasco = bottle

La cápsula = capsule

La cucharada = tablespoonful

La cucharadita = teaspoonful

La dosis = dose

La inyección = injection

La jeringa = syringe

La medicina = medicine

La pastilla = pill

La píldora = pill

La receta = prescription

La suspensión = suspension

La tableta = tablet

Media ____ (tableta, pastilla, etc).  = half a ______

Dosing Frequencies in Spanish:

# veces al día = # times a day

A las (hora) de la mañana, tarde, noche = At (time) of day

Al acostarse = at bedtime

Antes de verbo = before (verb)

Cada # horas = every # hours

Cada otro día = every other day

Con las comidas = with meals

Con leche = with milk

Con mucha agua = with plenty of water

Cuando es (sea) necesario = when necessary

Debajo de la lengua = under the tongue

Después de verbo = after (verb)

Diario = daily

Para dormir = in order to sleep (for sleeping)

Para el dolor = for the pain

Por la mañana = in the morning

Por la tarde = in the afternoon

Por la noche = in the evening

Media hora antes de verbo = half hour before (verb)

Media hora después de verbo = half hour after (verb)

Sin falta = without fail

Todos los días = every day

Un día sí, un día no = every other day

Una vez al día = once a day

Learn the lesson vocabulary here with this quizlet set:

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