Medication classes and their uses in Spanish

Medication classes and their uses in Spanish

In this week’s medical Spanish lesson, you’ll learn the names of various classes of medication. You will also learn common verbs that describe what medications do.

Additionally, we look at the top 10 prescribed meds in the USA and give a simple description of each that includes what it is: ¿Qué es? and What it’s for: ¿Para qué es?

Here is the video lesson we taught to the Video Viernes Facebook Group:

Learn the classes of medication vocabulary with this quizlet set:

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3 responses to “Medication classes and their uses in Spanish


I have a question about this. My patients have very low health literacy. In English, I say “This medicine is for (noun)” and that’s about it. Like, “You take Metformin for diabetes. You take levothyroxin for your thyroid.” Can I do this in Spanish too? I do say to people “Este medicamento es para la tiroides.” Does that make sense in Spanish? “Metformin es para la diabetes.”

Rory Foster

Hey Heather, yes you can certainly do that – it’s perfect.



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