Usted Commands and Medication Instructions in Spanish

Usted Commands and Medication Instructions in Spanish

Commands and Medication Instructions in Spanish

This is lesson 4 in our series of Medications and dosing instructions in Spanish. In this lesson, you will learn how to put these common medication verbs into the USTED command form:

Agitar – shake

Alternar – alternate

Aplicar – apply

Beber – drink

Contener el aire – hold your breath

Cortar (en mitad) – cut in half

Darle – give him/her

Disolver (o-ue) – dissolve

Empezar – begin

Exhalar – exhale

Inhalar – inhale

Inyectarle – inject him/her

Inyectarse – inject yourself

Oprimir – press

Parar de (tomar, usar) – stop doing (verb)

Poner – put/place

Tomar – take

Usar – use

Here is the Video Viernes lesson:

Use the Quizlet learning activity below to learn the command forms of these verbs:

Para conversar con su compañero:

Think through your most common medication instructions with your patients. How can you implement the command tense with our common medication verbs?

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