How to talk about Diet and Exercise in Spanish

How to talk about Diet and Exercise in Spanish

Welcome to the Diet and Exercise in Spanish series! In this 5-lesson series of medical Spanish lessons, you’ll learn:

  1. How to talk about the 5-2-1-0 diet in Spanish
  2. How to describe “MY PLATE” and vocabulary for the various food groups in Spanish
  3. How to describe healthy cooking (bake vs fry, etc) in Spanish
  4. How to talk about important concepts and vocabulary for explaining physical activity recommendations in Spanish
  5. Describing how diet and exercise can help control, prevent, manage various chronic illnesses.

Tell us what you want to learn! Comment below on this post so we can include your requests:

  • What questions do you ask your patients about diet and exercise?
  • What suggestions do you give?
  • What are the obstacles that your patients talk about when it comes to changing their diet and exercise habits?

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