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Immersion Info Meeting Recap

Spanish Immersion that guarantees results

Catch the meeting replay here if you missed it Wednesday night:

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Family Spanish Immersion trip

Family Spanish Immersion

Travel with your kids on Spanish immersion to give them the experience of daily life in Latin America, to build confidence speaking Spanish, and to have a great family adventure!

Adult Spanish Immersion

General Spanish Immersion for Adults

Move past academic knowledge and “learning Spanish” and move toward SPEAKING SPANISH! Immersion is the absolute best way to build your Spanish conversational skills and convert what you know in your head to the practical ability to carry on a spontaneous conversation in Spanish!

High school Immersion

High School Spanish Immersion

Give your high school student the adventure of a lifetime that will open their eyes to life in Latin America (outside the tourist bubble) and help them bring their Spanish to life!

These programs fill quickly…

Medical Spanish Immersion

Medical Spanish Immersion

Earn CME and CE credits as you build your confidence speaking Spanish and understanding native speakers. Medical Spanish Immersion is the fastest and best way to improve your Spanish and be able to build rapport with your Spanish speaking patients.

Immersion for Spanish teachers

Spanish Immersion for Teachers

Perfect for classroom teachers, specific subject teachers and Spanish teachers, this immersion program takes you on a summer adventure that puts you back in the classroom with more confidence speaking Spanish and a renewed energy and compassion for your LEP students.

Immersion Questions Asked & Answered:

Is there a minimum language requirement for Spanish language skill?

We don’t have minimum Spanish requirements for our participants, we believe that everyone can learn amazing amounts of Spanish in a high quality immersion program. And our job as immersion program coordinators is to set up the experience to be manageable for the beginner and still challenging for the advanced speaker.

Are the cultural classes an additional cost?

No additional cost, these are included in the program.

What are the extra costs for weekend adventures?

We try to keep all the weekend adventures at around $300 USD which includes transportation, lodging, and activities.

What is the best time to arrive?

We advise everyone to arrive on a Saturday so you have all Sunday to get settled and be ready for the program to start on Monday.
Try to arrive before 8pm local time so that it doesn’t get too late for arriving to your host family.

What’s the difference between the winter and summer programs?

The benefit to the summer program is that the start dates are more flexible and you could choose Ecuador, Costa Rica or both.
Traveling in the winter is nice because you escape the cold back home and enjoy some tropical weather 🙂 

What are the differences between the Ecuador and Costa Rica programs?

The Ecuador program is only available in the summer, Costa Rica is available in both winter and summer. Also, the Ecuador program is only available for 2 weeks maximum during the summer. In Costa Rica you can choose to extend the program for as many weeks as you’d like. 
Where we run the program in Ecuador is a more mountainous, indigenous area. It is not a big city, it’s a more agricultural, rural area. In Costa Rica we are 30min outside of the capital city and close by you can find more restaurants, stores, coffee shops etc.  Also Costa Rica has more of a beach/jungle environment.

Will Rory and Leslie be present during the programs?

During the winter programs Rory & Leslie are present in Costa Rica for usually the first two weeks of the program. 
During the summer their whole family works the programs from the beginning in Ecuador to the end of July in Costa Rica.

What happens if I need to cancel my trip?

In pretty much every case of an interruption of your travel plans (pandemic, personal or whatever) we are happy to transfer your registration to another program in the future. We want to work with you and help you meet your Spanish goals.

Why should I choose to travel with CGI?

We’re a US based small business. You know who we are and where we live. During your trip you’ll be surrounded by like-minded travelers that form a cohesive group. We will prepare you before you travel and you’ll have no day to day distractions from your learning. The program design is like a mini study abroad & Spanish is integrated into everything you do. 

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