Spanish Immersion for Adults Rate Sheet

Spanish Immersion for Adults Rate Sheet

Spanish Immersion trip -Join the High School Spanish Immersion Info Meeting

Here are the costs for Adult Spanish Immersion programs.

Ecuador Program

1-wk in Ecuador: $1,725
2-wk in Ecuador: 

Ecuador / Costa Rica Combo Program

2-wk Combo: $3,197
3-wk Combo: $4,097*
4-wk Combo: $5,050*
5-wk EC & CR: $5,975*
6-wk EC & CR: $6,875*

Costa Rica Program

1 wk in CR: $1,725
2-wk in CR: 
3-wk in CR: 
4-wk in CR: 
5-wk in CR: 
6-wk in CR: 

This program fills on a first come, first served basis. Reserve a spot on the program for 30 days – no obligation – no credit card, just 30 days to help you coordinate your schedule!

Student Rates apply to 3 week and longer programs for Healthcare degree program students in any phase of training. Email Rory Foster for details on discounted student rates.

This is an investment in yourself and your ability to connect with your Spanish speaking students and parents. Join us today!

There is no better way to improve your Spanish

What is included in the trip cost?

  • 10hr pre-departure course

  • 24/7 support and leadership from the CGI team and immersion partners

  • International health insurance

  • Intentional integration of Spanish language learning into every aspect of the program (CGI teacher/leader with you all the time to capitalize on those “teachable moments”)

  • Breakfast and dinner with host family

  • Transportation to most volunteer work sites. We may take a public bus, taxi or uber here and there)

  • Spanish classes and related materials

  • Guest Lectures

What else should you budget for?

  • Flights & Baggage fees

  • Exploring the country on optional weekend excursions (We’ll offer some group excursions. You can also choose to DIY weekend travel

  • Required & Recommended Immunizations

  • Continuing Education Credits

  • Lunches ($7-$10 on average)

  • Souvenirs and day to day personal expenses

  • Donations for charitable work and gratuities for tour guides & drivers on weekends

If you have any uncertainties about your upcoming adventure, it might be a good idea to use extra protection ?

If you’re looking for a Cancel for Any Reason policy, we suggest you shop for it here at

Cancel for any reason insurance covers personal things like scheduling conflicts and those crazy things that rarely happen – like global pandemics.

All of our programs include basic travel medical insurance with trip interruption, delays, lost bags, etc. Here is the standard description of coverage for your included travel insurance plan.

Shop here for extra protection

If you would like to schedule a time to speak with me about this program and how it may (or may not) meet your needs, I’ll be glad to have that call and help you figure it out! Here is how you can reach me: (303) 684-5557 | Email Rory

Need more time to think it through?

Here is what people think of our Adult Spanish Immersion Trip:

Spanish Immersion for Adults
Rating: 5 out of 5
I thoroughly enjoyed the immersion experience that CGI created for me. It delivered on everything I was looking for --> cultural exposure, social interactions, helping the community and learning a ton of Spanish! They handled everything for me - I had no worries and always felt safe & secure. I would 100% do it again.
Rating: 5 out of 5
Beautiful country and beautiful people. Great experience!
Rating: 5 out of 5
I went to Costa Rica with Common Ground and loved every minute! The program is accessible, and the Fosters are very accommodating. I highly recommend especially if you want to improve your Spanish!
Rating: 5 out of 5
I traveled with Common Ground International medical immersion program in July 2021. The trip was fantastic and I am so glad that I went. I was hesitant before the trip because of the hassle factor, expense and the fact that I had not traveled out of the US in at least 30...yes thirty years. I wanted to improve my Spanish and felt like I was at a point where using Spanish was the only way I was going to succeed. The details of the trip were well thought out and things went quite smoothly. At my age, 63, I wasn't sure that living in someone else's home was going to be comfortable but the host family was very welcoming and I felt very much at home. The language instruction was on point but the opportunity to use Spanish in my host families home and in every day life was even more valuable. I had a fantastic time and felt like my time and money were well invested.
Rating: 5 out of 5
Donde? Where to begin with my review—the great Pre-Immersion course that allowed me to be more than adequately prepared to travel alone to Costa Rica? Or, the Travel Spanish course that Rory and staff made available right when I needed it? Then there is the actual Lapa Verde Language School in Santo Domingo that is run by top notch educators with a passion for sharing their experience with students at every level of Spanish language base. They assess and then assign you right where you need to be—-for me, the very beginning. My instructor, Karen, was gracious, kind and firm. All necessary skills for dealing with pre-schoolers! Then, I could move on to my wonderful host “mama”. While we are in different generations, she was able to bridge the gap and make me feel welcome while also encouraging me to “stay in Spanish” in the evenings. Last but not least, by any means, the wonderful excursions, all while spending time with the extraordinary Foster family and other immersion students. To say it was the “trip of a lifetime” seems to fall short of the impact these past two weeks have made in me—booking my next trip(s) as soon as I finish posting this review!
Rating: 5 out of 5
Just returned from a 2-week immersion with Common Ground, in Costa Rica. The trip exceeded my expectations in so many ways! I felt well-prepared when I left home because the pre-departure information was very detailed. My Tico family was wonderful, and helped me practice over delicious, home-cooked breakfasts and dinners. From the language classes, to learning to cook gallo pinto, to the weekend trip to Manuel San Antonio National Park, the trip challenged me to keep up in Spanish, but never left me feeling overwhelmed. This is a first-rate program. Thank you Rory, Axa, my fellow students and everyone at LV!
Rating: 5 out of 5
I give Common Ground International Spanish Immersion in Costa Rica the highest recommendation. I went with my very nervous 13 and 15 year olds who had only had taken very limited classroom Spanish. Within 24 hours my kids were comfortable with the school and home. The family run business makes you feel like you are part of the family. The class room sessions were intense and long, but this program is to put your Spanish on a steep learning curve. The host family was warm, nurturing, and really contributed to our dramatic increase in our spoken language skills. The weekend excursions were fun filled, perfect for kids with short attention spans! I don't know how the Fosters keep the pace! I guess the fact that they have similar aged kids gives them great perspective and drive to give these trips their all! In short, we really missed the program once we left and vacationed on our own. However, we were departed with the gift of increased Spanish fluency which we greatly enjoyed during our travels.
Rating: 5 out of 5
My husband and I participated in Common Ground International’s 4-week Spanish Immersion Program in Costa Rica the winter of 2019. Everything about that experience exceeded expectations, from the quality of pre-immersion material and availability of CGI staff to field questions before we left, to the expertise of our instructors in country, and the effectiveness of the classes. My speaking ability moved from almost nil to good-enough to engage with Spanish speakers at home - and read,! However it is the people we met during our volunteer experiences, our host family, and fellow students, that I will remember most.
Rating: 5 out of 5
Perfect experience. Four weeks in Costa Rica with a host family as a “general” student. The medical group was a real treat to meet, but did their own morning projects. Everyone together from 1-5 at Lapa Verde language class. I got 80 hours of instruction in 100% Spanish from Sandra as the only student. Amazing experience. Volunteer projects in the morning were challenging and highly rewarding. Weekend trips were a marvel of organized adventure led by Rory, aka Señor Látigo. Host family was a total treat. If you’re looking for a Spanish language and cultural experience, they’re waiting for you. Went with my wife. We’re 72 and all the younger medical students were really fun to be around. Even had a couple really interesting doctors. Quite a group.
Rating: 5 out of 5
Awesome 3 week Spanish immersion experience in Costa Rica through Common Ground International. I am glad that I chose to do my Spanish immersion in Costa Rica and stay with a host family. The leaders at Common Ground International were professional, welcoming and attentive. The Teachers were patient and encouraging. My goal was to obtain a better understanding of Spanish verbs so I can increase in my Spanish conversation level. Costa Rica offers endless opportunities to learn about their rich culture and history while learning the language all at the same time. The natives were friendly and warm and easily ready to assit you if you had any questions. It was also easy to get around and I also felt safe. My host mother was amazing and made my stay a pleasant one, she encouraged me to speak in Spanish and introduced me to many native dishes. She was a wonderful host and great cook. And I cannot forgot I met some awesome people and made a few good friendships along the way. Including my host family's dog. I left Costa Rica with a better understanding of Spanish verbs, increased vocabulary and the ability to converse with more confidence.I recommend you try it.Pura Vida
Rating: 5 out of 5
I attended the immersion program for two weeks and stayed an extra weekend to go on an excursion at the end and it was awesome! The program is very well organized and you get the full experience of practicing Spanish the entire time you are there (classroom, volunteering, group excursions). I'm so impressed on how well the program was organized for every single group - and there were three different groups (maybe more) going from high school, medical-adult, and adult immersion. The program Directors (Leslie and Rory) were always available to answer and/or clarify any questions, help explain things, recommend best eating places, and just made the whole experience amazing! I definitely recommend this program to anyone who is interested in learning spanish - no mater what level you are at - it is good for all levels and they put you in classes tailored just for your learning ability so you succeed while you are there! I also highly recommend doing the excursion to La Fortuna and Tortuguero to see the turtles laying their eggs! 🙂
Rating: 5 out of 5
I had an amazing time with Common Ground for the Adults Immersion trip in Costa Rica. It was an amazing and unforgettable experience! I learned so much Spanish - going from very limited basic vocab to full sentences and basic conversations in 5 weeks. The program is incredibly well organized and a true immersive experience - volunteering in the morning, class in the afternoon, evenings with your host family, and free weekends to travel with the group or do your own thing. I highly recommend it!
Rating: 5 out of 5
My experience with Common Ground and their immersion program was very positive. Before I arrived I was a little nervous and also wondered if I could gain that much in two weeks. But the hosts, Leslie and Rory, understand well what immersion students go through and quickly helped me feel comfortable. The program is also very full and supports the students efforts to learn Spanish very well. I found that at the end of two weeks I had both picked up more Spanish and become much more comfortable speaking the language than I had hoped. In addition, everyone involved was both helpful and supportive and made for an engaging and happy learning environment. I am very happy that I went
Rating: 5 out of 5
I attended the immersion for adults for 2 weeks in June of 2016, and I couldn't have been more satisfied with my experience. I wanted to gain confidence in using the little bit of Spanish I knew (from high school many years ago) in the non-medical hospital setting where I was about to begin work. The leadership of this program was so professional and yet so personally supportive, it made me feel safe to take risks with using my Spanish and exploring away from my English-speaking colleagues. I just enrolled in a Spanish class at my local community college and I can't believe how much more confident I am in knowing how to ask my questions and make comments about the classwork in Spanish---and this is just Spanish 1, second semester! I am planning to return to Costa Rica for another immersion program next summer because of how it stretched me so successfully and yet responded well to my fears and uncertainties along the way. Experiencing the culture and food firsthand through living with a family was definitely the best way to go. My host family and I are still maintaining contact via email.
Rating: 5 out of 5
The Common Ground International Spanish Immersion trip was a trip of a life time. It is well organized, but be ready to be busy. There is little down time! San Isidro de Heredia is a wonderful town. Big enough to explore, but small enough that it is not overwhelming. My host family was warm and welcoming and made the whole experience even better. I learned a lot everyday and felt I was able to use what I learned while I was in Costa Rica. ELEC school was also a great experience. The teachers were professional and well prepared and the teacher to student ratio allowed for individualized attention while also being able to learn from the fellow students. The school grounds and buildings are beautifully maintained and the view into San Jose is amazing. Saphire is a great leader and is also very open and helpful if you are having any issues or concerns. Overall I was extremely pleased with my Costa Rica immersion trip. I do wish there had been some more time to spend in town and get to know San Isidro de Heredia better and also use some Spanish in an every day setting outside of school and the home stay. However, my three week visit made me feel comfortable that I could go back to visit Costa Rica or another Spanish speaking country and know that I could make my way around and be understood.

11 thoughts on “Spanish Immersion for Adults Rate Sheet”

  1. Do you have any recommendations for an airline to travel to Costa Rica? I am not finding reasonably priced airfare at all. The cheapest so far has been $802.00 arriving at SJO at 1 a.m. and many many hours of travel. Yikes!

  2. Hi Rory. Am I reading it correctly that the group has to come up with a volunteer project in the weeks before traveling? Also, I know it depends on the individual, but is it reasonable to expect to be able to carry on a basic conversation at a market, restaurant, workplace back home after only 4-6 weeks when my current fluency doesn’t extend much beyond hola and cerveza?

    1. Hey Larry, yes we’ll be collaborating with our community partners before the trip begins and sharing some volunteer project possibilities with you. You have some time to outline your project before you travel and while we’re on the ground working together.

      And yes, 4-6 weeks is plenty of time for a beginner to gain basic conversational skills. You’ll be surprised at how much you walk away with after that much time abroad!

  3. Hello Rory: I am thinking about a week of immersion with one of my (adult) granddaughters. Maybe two weekends with holiday activities and the week of instruction in between.
    Thanks so much for the Medical Spanish just ending!
    Looking forward to going back to the start and reviewing to enhance the learning.
    It is already helping me every week in the clinic because translagtors are still scarce because of the pandemic and the big majority of patients speak no English.

    1. Hey Mark, I just saw your registration come through yesterday… yay! Can’t wait to work with you again face to face :). I’ll email with details about weekends with your granddaughter. Cheers,

  4. Hola Rory,

    Acabo de ver su video acerca de los usos de por y para, y ahora quiero viajar a Costa Rica!
    Favor de enviarme el horario de los viajes durante el verano ’21.

    Muchas gracias,

    Julia Blair
    Nueva York

  5. I am interested in attending your adult Spanish immersion program. I am interested in the Costa Rica Program and possibly the Ecuador/Costa Rica combo program.
    Please send me updated info.

    Thank you,
    Ellen Pugh

    1. Awesome Ellen! We would love to work with you! We are planning Summer ’21 travel in Costa Rica, but not Ecuador this year. We’ll send updated dates in February. Thanks,

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