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One dust sandwich, please, discussing some common translation mistakes

One dust sandwich, please, discussing some common translation mistakes

Learning a new language can always be tricky; some of the most embarrassing scenarios include these common Spanish-English translation mistakes:

Dollarphotoclub_38692806-300x200Whether or not you travel abroad this summer, chances are you’ll be using your Spanish right here at home for a long time to come. Even the most experienced Spanish speakers make mistakes, but here are some particularly embarrassing Spanish translation mistakes  to avoid:

I have a LOT of man!
Don’t forget the tiny difference between hunger, men, and shoulders in Spanish:
Tengo mucha hambre = I’m very hungry
Tengo hombre = I have a man
Tengo hombro = I have a shoulder

Oops! I am so pregnant!
Making English words sound Spanish can carry you through some situations…until you’re embarrassed!
Estoy embarazada = I’m pregnant (even more awkward if you happen to be male)
Tengo vergüenza = I’m embarrassed

Can’t keep your household surfaces turkey free? Try Pledge!

Two words you probably don’t use much can be easily confused at an inopportune moment.
= Dust
= Turkey

It’s spicy out today!
Heat can be a challenging area for the Spanish student:
= heat
Hace calor
= It’s hot out
Tengo calor
= I’m hot (turn on the A/C)

Caliente = hot
El plato estácaliente = The plate is hot
Estar caliente
= To be hot (in another way…not like a fever or a sunny day)

Picante = spicy
El jalapeño es picante, pero menos que el habanero!
= The J
alapeño is spicy, but less than the Habanero!

How many anuses do you have?
Don’t overlook the power of the squiggly line (tilde) over the n! It really is it’s own letter!
¿Cuántos años tiene(s)? = How old are you?
Ano = anus

Wait a rat! I’m on my way.
What a difference a letter makes…
Espere un rato = Wait a minute/a little while
Hay una rata en la cocina! = There’s a rat in the kitchen!

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