Shakira Teaches Spanish Verbs: Future Tense and Gerunds

Shakira Teaches Spanish Verbs: Future Tense and Gerunds

A fun and useful activity for learning Spanish verb tenses; have Shakira help you out with planning an easy classroom activity:

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Don’t let practicing Spanish verb tenses be a drag when you can engage your students with one of the best parts of Latino culture: ¡La música!

Shakira’s song “Estoy Aquí” from her Pies Descalzos album demonstrates both the present progressive and the future tenses with regular, irregular, and unique verbs.

Here’s all you need to do for this classroom music activity:

1) Print out the Estoy Aquí lyrics and lyric worksheets (one for gerunds and one for future tense) and distribute the appropriate worksheet to your students.

2) Play the Song: VIDEO: “Estoy Aqui” por Shakira

3) Have your students fill in the blanks with the correct Spanish verbs as they listen to the song a few times.

4) Go over the answers, and have them identify irregular verbs and break down any new verbs (i.e. enloquecer). This is a good time to talk about the meaning of the song, and go over any new vocabulary words.

¡Que disfruten!

Helpful Spanish Resources for students and classrooms:

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