Free Spanish for Educator Tools

Free Spanish for Educator Tools

Check out our free Spanish learning tools specifically for educators. Click on the image to download the free tool. We post new tools each month, so check back soon!

Stem-changing Verbs in Spanish

Irregular Verbs in The Present Tense in Spanish

How To Use The Gender and Articles in Spanish

School Schedules and Subjects in Spanish

15 Prepositions of Place in Spanish

15 Prepositions of Place in Spanish

Basic Vocabulary in Spanish to Kick off the School Year

Verbs in the Present Tense in Spanish

Literacy in Spanish: Type of Texts

Literacy in Spanish: Talk, listen, read and write

Math: Multiplication and Division in Spanish

Math: Addition and Subtraction in Spanish

Maestro Miércoles – Making Phone Calls Home in Spanish

Talking About “Tú” Negative Commands in Spanish

Top Questions Teachers Get From Parents in Spanish

Classroom Morning Routines in Spanish

How to Talk About Classroom Schedules in Spanish

Talking About School Day Instructions in Spanish

Talking About Homework Expectations in Spanish

Talking About End of the Day Routine in Spanish

Talking About Student Behavior in Spanish

Talking About Academic Strenghts in Spanish


How To Talk About Classroom Rules in Spanish

Two fundamental verbs: SER / ESTAR

Free Spanish Grammar Lesson

How to make a phone call home in Spanish…

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