Classroom Rules in Spanish with your students and their families

Spanish for Educators – How To Talk About Classroom Rules in Spanish

This Spanish for Educators lesson focuses on the Spanish vocabulary you need in order to talk about classroom rules and expectations with your students and their families:  LAS REGLAS DE LA CLASE.

Here is the Classroom Rules in Spanish lesson I taught to the Facebook group:

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3 main ways to express this in Spanish

  • Reglas de la clase 
  • Normas de la clase 
  • Expectativas de la clase 

So, what are your expectativas de la clase that you spend time communicating to your students and their families and training your students to follow at the beginning of each year?

  • Behavior expectations – comportamiento 
  • Personal responsibility – responsabilidad personal 

Su reto profesional → usar este vocabulario esta semana cuando con sus estudiantes y los papás

Personal Expressions… En nuestra clase:

Escuchamos cuando otros hablan  We listen when others speak
Seguimos instrucciones  We follow instructions
Mantenemos manos, pies y objetos en su lugar  We keep hands, feet and objects in their right place
Respetamos la propiedad ajena  We respect the property of others
Trabajamos y jugamos de manera segura  We work and play safely
Nos preparamos para aprender  We are ready to learn
Participamos y hacemos preguntas  We participate and ask questions
Ayudamos a los compañeros  We help peers

Download Classroom Rules in Spanish Notes TODAY

Impersonal Expressions + Infinitivo:

Es importante:  It’s important to:
Ser respetuoso/a  Be respectful
Mantenerse seguro  Stay safe
Ser responsable  Be responsible
Portarse bien  Behave well
Prestar atención  Pay attention
Estar presente y listo/a para aprender  Be present and ready to learn
Entregar a tiempo su tarea  Turn in  your homework on time
Hacer el mejor trabajo que pueda  Do the best job you can
Traer el material necesario  Bring the necessary material
Levantar la mano para participar  Raise your hand to participate
Probar cosas nuevas  Try new things
Compartir con sus compañeros  Share with your peers
Trabajar duro  Work hard
Cuidar los materiales y el equipo del salón de clase  Care materials and classroom equipment
Utilizar las palabras mágicas: gracias, por favor, lo siento, buenos dias, hasta luego  Use the magic words: thank you, please, I’m sorry, good morning, see you later

Las Reglas de Comportamiento: What student should not do

Se prohíbe + infinitivo  It’s prohibited + Infinitive
Usar el teléfono celular en la clase  To use cell phone in class
Faltarle el respeto a otros  To show a lack of respect for others
Desobedecer las reglas de la escuela  To disobey school rules
Pelear con otros  To fight with others

Note: You might not have caught it, but I actually mispronounced “prohíbe” in Spanish during the lesson. I added a sound for the letter “h” in Spanish. Remember the “h” is always silent in Spanish – and unlearning its pronunciation is tricky even for us pros!

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Download Classroom Rules in Spanish Notes TODAY

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