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4 Tips to Study Medical Spanish for Free

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18th April

When you can’t take a Medical Spanish Class at the moment, or you need to brush up between classes; what is the best way to study Medical Spanish on your own?

As you might imagine we get this question all the time – and almost always students ask us for the perfect pre-packaged Spanish learning system. Most people prefer the interactive nature of a traditional Spanish class – but life is busy and work & personal schedules are prohibitive, so it’s important to figure out how to study medical Spanish on your own.

Of course there are hundreds of software programs out there to learn Spanish that combine language drills with vocabulary acquisition, and recently more are adding an interactive component as well. The new trend is to connect you up with some sort of Skype tutor or something similar. These programs … Read More »

An Argument Against Using Spanish Translator Apps

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17th March

Ditch the Spanish Translator Apps – They Inhibit Learning!

Important Note: this article focuses on Spanish translator apps because I’m a Spanish teacher and my business specializes in teaching Spanish for Specific Purposes. However, the principles below apply to any language classroom. 

The days of lugging around a bulky dictionary to your language class are definitely over – we’ve entered the age of BYOD (bring your own device) and tablets available to the language classroom.

This is an amazing development of course; there is so much you can do with a device that weighs less than a pound and that you’re already carrying with you anyway. But a heavy word of caution…

Don’t fool yourself that Spanish Translator apps are actually helping you (or your students) learn Spanish.

Why do students like Spanish translator apps?

We live in a world where … Read More »

My Medical Spanish Class is Over – Now What?

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3rd December

4 Practical ways to keep your study medical Spanish and keep your Spanish proficiency moving forward between classes:

Finishing up your medical Spanish class is always met with mixed emotions. You’re happy with the progress you made during class, but you’re also glad to add some extra down-time back to your busy schedule. Your biggest concern, however, is about letting your medical Spanish backslide too much before you have the chance to take another medical Spanish class.

Here are some practical ways you can maintain your medical Spanish now that class is over:

1. Stay on top of your medical Spanish vocabulary. 

One of the most beneficial study habits for students in industry-specific language classes is to master the vocabulary for your industry. In most cases your grammar never has to be fancy to communicate sufficiently, you can usually use a simple grammar construction. However … Read More »

3 Signs your Medical Spanish needs a tune-up!

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30th October

It’s tempting to assume that you’re doing “good enough” with medical Spanish.

The fact that you can “get by” with Spanish in social contexts doesn’t necessarily mean that you should be relying exclusively on yourself with your Spanish-only patients.

Unless you’ve spent some time digging into proper medical terminology and some standard ways of phrasing basic medical history questions in Spanish, chances are you’re not being as responsible with medical Spanish as you could be. The degree of your medical Spanish shortcomings will depend on how conversational you already are. For the sake of your patients and your personal liabilities, it would be a good idea to give your current level of medical Spanish proficiency some thought.

A recent article published in the Journal of the American Medical Association titled Appropriate Use of Non-English-Language Skills in Clinical Care (Regenstein M, Andres E,  Wynia M. January 9, … Read More »

Improve Your English Today with 3 Easy Tips!

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30th September

3 Easy English tips – how to select the correct pronoun:

Speaking English well always gives a positive impression. Whether you’re trying to move up within your current position or interviewing for a new job, using English correctly will increase your chances. Pronouns are perhaps one of the most sensitive spots in grammar, and using the wrong pronoun can be jarring to your listener. If you can learn to choose the right pronoun in English, it will make a big difference in your English. Take a look at today’s tips for choosing the correct pronoun and significantly improve your English:

Tip 1: Select the right Subject pronoun 

The subject pronouns in English replace the nouns that are the subject of the verb in the sentence. The subject pronouns in English are: I, you, he, she, it, we and they. He and She … Read More »