International Rotations in Costa Rica

Elective International Rotations in Costa Rica

Open to all Healthcare Profession Students: MD & DO students, PA & NP students, RN students, PharmD students, PT students, Public Health students and more!

The purpose of these Elective International Rotations for Healthcare Students is primarily to improve your Medical Spanish communication skills. Our students historically leave this international rotation applying for Community Health positions that require Bilingual Spanish/English skills.  Not only do these International Rotations in Costa Rica prepare you for fluid communication with your Spanish only patients, you finish the rotation with a new perspective on the following:

  1. A better understanding of some cultural norms and values that your Latino patients regard highly, that may or may not be shared by the sub-culture you grew up in.
  2. An appreciation for providing medical care in resource poor settings, to marginalized populations.
  3. An ethical framework for approaching international medical work that is both sustainable and that fosters continuity of care for the patient even while you’re not present.

The four primary aspects of this International Rotation in Costa Rica.


Medical Work  Host Family Spanish classes Weekend Excursions


How do we approach international medicine? Mission Statement


MD,DO,PA,NP International Rotation4 weeks of program in 4 week block.

(February & July)

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 PharmD APPE

PharmD International Rotation5 weeks of program in 6 week block.

(Feb-Mar & July-Aug)

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Public Health Practicum

Public Health Rotation4 weeks of program in 4 week block.

(February & July)

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