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Unique Online Spanish Teacher Resources

Unique Online Spanish Teacher Resources

Dollarphotoclub_49088992-300x200The internet is full of Spanish teacher resources. Interactive quizzes and printable worksheets abound, but here are some of our favorites that serve 5 distinctly different purposes:

1.  Word We trust this multi-language dictionary because of it’s thorough definitions – which identifies which term is used in which regions; full verb conjugations; and language forums, which include different forums for specialized terminology (i.e. medical, legal, financial, IT, science, etc.). All-around this website is one of our favorite Spanish teacher resources.

2. Google News: Want to expose your students to news from the Spanish-speaking world? Google News compiles up-to-the-minute news from a variety of sources in Argentina, Chile, Cuba, Mexico, Spain and Peru. Just pick your country, and it’s all organized by topic.

3. Volunteer Want to challenge your students to become involved with the Latino community through volunteer work? This website will help you and your students figure out exactly what kinds of volunteer opportunities are available in your area.

4. Latin Lyrics Find the lyrics to any Spanish song you need for your class – you’ll find everything from Latin Pop to Cumbia to Baladas here. Search by category or artist and have fun!

5. Global Nomads Group: “Global Nomads Group creates education programs and media about global issues for youth. Using interactive technologies in the classroom, such as live video-conferencing and multimedia videos, young people from around the world learn about and discuss the global issues that affect their lives.” While not all programming involves Spanish-speaking countries, program themes are far-reaching, and provide a very real way for students to connect with other cultures and discuss issues that affect their generation.

We’d love for you to share your favorite online tools for teaching Spanish!

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