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Top 10 Spanish Songs to Learn Spanish Grammar

Top 10 Spanish Songs to Learn Spanish Grammar

Top 10 Spanish Songs to learn Spanish Grammar Lesson Plan for Teachers

Learning Spanish can be fun, especially when you incorporate pop culture songs into learning. These are the top 10 Spanish songs, Latin American hits, paired with a grammar focus. This activity allows students to connect the grammar topics they are learning in class to expressions of emotion and situations in real life through music. As you implement these songs into your classroom with this framework, be sure to add your personal creativity to it also! Have fun and let us know how it goes by sharing your student projects here on our Facebook page!

This lesson plan includes implementation notes and suggestions, lyrics to all the top 10 Spanish songs, notes about the artist, fill-in-the blank worksheets, as well as a life application project. The activities allow students to practice the following grammar tenses and concepts:

  • The future tense with Yo no sé la mañana by Luis Enrique
  • Reflexive verbs and direct object pronouns with Me voy enamorando by Chino y Nacho
  • Commands and the future tense with Madre Tierra by Chayanne
  • Subjunctive with La Tortura by Shakira y Alejandro Sanz and A Dios le pido by Juanes
  • Imperfect and preterite tenses with Me dediqué a perderte by Leonel Garcia y Thalia
  • Likes and preferences with Me gustas tú by Manu Chao
  • Irregular present tense verbs with Limón y sal by Julieta Venegas
  • The simple future tense with Vivir mi vida by Marc Anthony
  • The conditional tense with Si fuera un chico by Beyonce

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