Spanish Numbers in the Clinic

Spanish Numbers in the Clinic

Spanish Numbers in the clinic: Video Viernes Medical Spanish Lesson

Numbers are tricky in Spanish, but not impossible. Part of challenge with numbers is listening comprehension – understanding personal information like phone numbers, addresses, etc. Because of how Spanish speakers tend to group numbers.

In this lesson, I’m going to break down the pattern of numbers in Spanish for you. You’ll learn…

  1. How numbers in Spanish are patterned starting with 16 and going as high as you’d like.
  2. How to say whatever number you want in Spanish up to the hundreds of thousands
  3. How to give the results of common vital signs in Spanish
  4. How Spanish speakers tend to communicate their phone numbers and addresses in Spanish

Watch this video Spanish Numbers in the clinic:

Learn the numbers and related vital signs vocabulary with this Quizlet set:

Un comentario por favor: How do you use numbers with your patients? Try it out in the comments section and we’ll let you know how you’re doing!

  • Ex. “Usted pesa ciento ochenta libras hoy”
  • Ex. “Su temperatura está en ciento cuatro grados
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One response to “Spanish Numbers in the Clinic

Cheryl Gilbert

La leccion fue excellente. Gracias! Yo uso numeros con mis pacientes en discutando resultos de pruebas de sangre y con signos vitales. Por examplo, “Hoy su presion esta en ciento ochenta y ocho. Es demasiado alta. Su hemoglobinema es doce punto ocho. Es normal. La semana pasada fue diez punto dos y el numero esta mas bien hoy.

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