Diabetes and Hypertension Conversation in Spanish - Listening Comprehension

Diabetes and Hypertension Conversation in Spanish – Listening Comprehension

Diabetes and hypertension listening comprehension in Spanish

Work on your listening comprehension in Spanish and learn about diabetes and hypertension in Costa Rica!

Doctor Carla and Nurse Rebeca asked our Medical Spanish Immersion group this past winter to give some workshops on Diabetes and Hypertension. They requested that we educate some of their at-risk population about:

  • What each condition is and how it affects your body
  • Why it’s so important to stick to your treatment plan
  • How simple modifications to diet and physical activity can help manage diabetes and hypertension
  • Additional physical and mental health benefits of eating better and exercising more

After two weeks of workshops concluded, I asked Carla and Rebeca if they could spare a few minutes to chat about diabetes and hypertension in Spanish – listen in to our conversation and test your listening comprehension with the questions below!

Listening comprehension questions from the conversation:

Answers to these questions in the lesson download above 👆

  1. What are Rebeca & Carla’s families like… Do they have kids? How old? Where do they live in relation to the clinic?
  2. How does training to become a MD or RN compare to training in the US? How long did each of them study post high school to earn their degrees?
  3. What is different about the career path for a MD based on Rebeca’s training?
  4. Why did Rebeca and Carla ask us to give workshops in diabetes and hypertension to their community members? Carla mentions one and Rebeca mentions two others.
  5. What do they identify as a resource that’s lacking within the health system that contributes to one of the reasons that motivated them to request these topics?
  6. What are some of the myths or misguided beliefs that they identify that also contribute to difficulties managing diabetes and hypertension?
  7. What are some specific examples of patient misunderstandings?
  8. How are these similar or different to misunderstandings in your patients?
  9. What do Rebeca and Carla suggest as the best way to confront misguided beliefs?
  10. What obstacles do Rebeca and Carla identify for following treatment plans? They both mention a couple.
  11. When it comes to motivation, what do Rebeca and Carla identify as motivational for patients? How is this similar or different to the motivational topics you discuss with your patients?
  12. Carla and Rebeca each provide some additional suggestions for working with Spanish speaking patients… what are they?
  13. How practical is Carla’s suggestion for you to implement? What are some alternative ways you could follow her suggestion outside of the typical provider-patient relationship?
  14. What example does Rebeca give that demonstrates how easily her recommendation can correct misunderstandings?

Learn the lesson vocabulary with this quizlet vocab set:

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Diabetes & Hypertension Conversation Transcript in Spanish...